Which club should I use on the driving range and why?

Question:I am brand spanking new. Just got given a used set of clubs, do not know if they're complete. I'd like to start practicing at the driving range before I head out to play my first round of golf. I would like to know which club to practice with first.
Thanks in advance for your kindness.


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I would say try a 7-iron first. Using a driver or wood is more difficult than an iron. Ask at the driving range if there is a teacher there, or ask for the pro if it is at a golf course. They will give you the best answer.

I would also ask if there was a beginner's clinic available. It would be a class of 10-20 people starting the game just like you, and much cheaper than individual lessons. (Those come later).

The earlier answers are good practice tips for people that play regularly, but not necessarily for a beginner.

Good luck

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Use a golf club to practice with unless you have a club foot .

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I usually start with my wedges and move up 9 iron 8, 7, 6 and so on up to the driver. You want to practice with all of your clubs, the order you practice is really up to you..

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take your hole set and hit all the clubs you have.. what i do when i go out to the driving range is i start out with like a pitchinig wedge, and i slowly work my way up...so i pretty much hit each club for a little while..my advice to you is NOT to spend alot of time on one single club. if you do you will have a lopsided golf game.you will me able to hit a driver a mile, but cant chip..good luck

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Get lessons from a Pro. Either group or individual lessons. Learn the basics correctly from the start. He or she will then tell you what clubs to practice with when warming up etc. Good luck,have fun and enjoy the game!

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All of them but also, practice everything don't spend all the time in the range putting ,chipping, pitching should be practiced as well by doing this you will see true advances in your game.

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Start with your putter on the putting green. Then learn to chip. You shouldn't even get to the driving range for a while. Learn the basics first.

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Don't forget the golf course itself. Of course, like the others said: start with group or private lessons plus range time for six months and then bring in actual on-course play after that. Try to play with people that are slightly better than you. If you play with people that are as bad or worse, it's much harder to get better. If you play with people that are much better than you, you'll just get frustrated.

My mistake starting out was hitting golf balls over and over at a driving range and not playing at an actual course.

I think you should spend half of your time on an executive or par three course. Ask your local ranger if you can have some practice time on one or two holes on the front nine when it starts getting dark.

There is no substitute for the golf course. There are no driving ranges that have rough type grass, tight lies, uneven lies, sloped lies...

Finally, to answer your original question: a newbie should start with their wedges or 8 or 9 iron then stop and work on tee shots with a 3W or 5W. The reason I suggest capping at a 7 or 8 iron is course management. The average par four for a ladies or newbies tee is 280 yards. Your goal should be double or triple bogeying every hole or hitting 6 shots per par 4. You don't need a 3 or 4 iron to be able to be able to get to the green.

Also, ALWAYS use a tee for all your shots even the iron shots and even on the course. The tee is like training wheels on a bike. Include games into your range practice. Practice with a friend, shoot at targets, work on only 2 or 3 swing thoughts per practice session. Practice with different clubs in different orders.

If you spend a half hour on the range, spend a half hour at least by the green or bunker.

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