Does added length in a golf shaft increase or decrease stiffness?

I play irons that are plus 1" in length (i'm 6'-4"). When I got fitted, the clubfitter told me longer shafts were stiffer because there is more of the wider, stiffer upper shaft. But it would seem that a 39" long 5 iron would bend more than a 38" long 5 iron. Are my iron shafts more or less stiff?


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His answer was bunk...but there should be no change in the shaft flex at all.
I see that several others have injected several other points.
1. Tip trimming will affect the flex rating of a shaft on some
2. Kick point will actually change a bit with more length
3. Torque ratings may be slightly affected by added length
of the shaft.
4. Wedge shafts for the most part are a special shaft made
specially for wedges.

These are all considerations for what shaft to put in in the first place....They do not affect the Shaft flex rating.

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There is more to what makes golf club stiff than the length. It would depend on what the shafts are made of. Different materials are more or less rigid, so that would have an effect on whether or not added length effects the rigidity.

I would also imagine that the way the shaft is made might also effect the rigidity. Some are made to be wider further down the length of the club, etc.

We also have to remember that a golf club shaft is hollow, not solid, so the width of the shaft doesn't always make it stiffer either.

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Okay, he's wrong, the longer it is, the more flexibly it is.

A wedge in ladies flex is stiffer than a xtra stiff driver.

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Some shafts are actually designed to have their flex point at different parts of the shaft. If you are being fitted with custom clubs, chances are there should be no difference in the feel or flex. However if you take a shaft for a driver that is 45", and cut that shaft down about 3 or so inches, there will inevitably be less flex in the shaft. For the same reason it's easier to break a two foot long stick rather than a two inch long stick of the same thickness.

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Hi, Rick W is right with his remarks. What he was referring to is called the 'kick point' (i.e. area where shaft will bend during a swing). Different shafts have different kick pts, namely; high, mid and low. Steel or graphite shafts also have slight differences.

I have a 45" Callaway driver cut by 1/4". It used to be on regular flex but now it feels stiff for me. I've regretted getting it trimmed.

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In the spirit of the question:

If you are using two identical shafts of the same make and flex, then the one that is longer will play softer (i.e. less stiff) than the shorter clubs. That is precisely why most teachers tell you *not* to cut down clubs for kids...they become far too stiff.

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for every 1/2" overlength you will lose a 1/4 flex. in other words if it is a dynamic golf s300 then it your clubs will play more like an s200 or s100. you will still have a stiff shafted club but it will be a subflex. and no spartan a ladies wedge flex is not stiffer than an extra stiff driver shaft. try looking up on google a flex board and see if u can figure that one out.

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