What is the difference between golf links and golf course?


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Golf is played on a tract of land designated as the course. The course consists of a series of holes. A hole means both the hole in the ground into which the ball is played (also called the cup), as well as the total distance from the tee (a pre-determined area from where a ball is first hit) to the green (the area surrounding the actual hole in the ground). Most golf courses consist of nine or eighteen holes. (The "nineteenth hole" is the colloquial term for the bar/grill at a club house).

A links golf course, sometimes referred to as a seaside links is the oldest style of golf course, first developed in Scotland, where golf originated.

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Golf links is a course by the sea

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A links golf course, sometimes referred to as a seaside links is the oldest style of golf course, first developed in Scotland, where golf originated. The word comes from the Scots language and refers to an area of coastal sand dunes. It also retains this more general meaning in the Scottish English dialect. It can be treated as singular even though it has an 's' at the end, and occurs in place names that precede the development of golf, for example Lundin Links, Fife.

A golf course is generally not built near a body of water.

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"Golf Links" refers to a golf course where golf is played on land that links the land to the sea. An inland or "parkland" course is therefore not a golf links course.

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a links course is by the sea.they are unique in the fact that they are devoid of trees.and sometimes greens are shared.they are prone to wild swings of weather.as they are affected by the tidal movement of the sea.they also have very few bunkers.but hitting the fairway could mean nothing as the fairways are at such angles with humps in them a ball straight down the middle could hit a hump that might send it shooting off 50 yards at an acute angle.the other courses are more your conventional ones with bunkers water hazards and trees.and greens that at times are stupidly up turned and fast.especially in the USA.

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links is a term that means a course that is along water, without many trees with more grasses and mounds.

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