In golf how deep should the putting cup be from the top?


How do you choose a good golf teacher?

the plastic lip should be 1/2 inch below the surface if the ground will allow it.

Does anyone have any free golf stuff i can have because i want to take up golfing?

I think its four or five inches.

What takes more strategy, Golf or Auto Racing?

25 feet

Player Reviews on Titleist 695CB's?

six inches

How can i found out what some old golf clubs would be worth?

the hole must be at least 4" deep. if a lining is used it must be at least 1" below the green

Morgan Pressell?

the total is 5 inches the cup is 4 inches and it should be 1 inch below the green

Where was golf invented?

Everybody in this room is a damn idiot.. The cup is six inches deep... stay out of a golf chat room if you only play 3 **** times a year.

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