Should I be using women's golf clubs or men's?

I was recently told that women over 5'7 (I'm 5'7) should use men's golf clubs. Is this correct? Currently use women's irons and woods, but a men's driver. I do sometimes feel like I'm stooping a bit to hit my irons.


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The short answer is that you should see a golf professional to get fitted for the clubs that suit you the best. There are so many options of clubheads and shafts nowadays that everyone should be able to find the best match for their game.

The longer answer is that women's clubs are generally a bit shorter and lighter than men's clubs, so if you're a taller woman, I can see where you might be told that you might wish to use men's clubs, but there is more to the story than that.

Women's clubs are lighter not only because the shafts are a bit shorter, thus carving a bit of weight off there, but the clubheads themselves are a little lighter. This is done in order to allow the average woman more clubhead speed - more clubhead speed means more energy at impact with the ball means the ball goes further.

If you can generate the same clubhead speed with the heavier men's clubs that you currently do with your women's clubs, then a switch would likely be in order, and this may be the case, given that you already use a men's driver. If you can't swing the heavier clubs as well, then you'll want to stay with your current clubs, but you'll probably want to have longer shafts put on them to account for your taller stature.

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Hope you have a sense of humour my friend... No matter what some people say..size does matter and so does length.
Womans clubs are normally shorter thans mens due to the average size.
If you are quite tall or have long legs and arms you will have to get a bigger shaft to enable you to get more balls in the hole,
if you go to a proffesional shop they will measure you and give you the advice you need free of charge.
if you just want a bigger shaft i am sure i could help you
good luck and keep swinging.if you know what i mean..ha ha

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Take your grip and stance, and then use what is comfortable. My wife uses mens clubs. There is no real difference. You want comfort first, and then pretty colors lol Just teasing :D

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I'm not totally sure. It may be dependent upon the amount of clubhead speed you create. Some women on the LPGA tour use men's irons. You can get your clubs custom fitted so you may want to go that route before switching to men's clubs.

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Not necessarely, women generally have smaller hands (grips are smaller on ladies clubs), womens shafts are more flexible because they dont normally swing the club as fast, plus womens clubs these days are built more custom. eg. lots of hybrid clubs (which are great), 7 woods, 9 woods (all easy to hit)

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