Do golf balls go bad if they get old?

If they're sitting unused in their boxes for years, do golf balls go bad or will they be just as good as new?


In Fanrtasy Golf how to replace a player who withdrew?

dude, its not milk, they dont go bad.

What is your opinion of the PGA golf pro at your local club?

They Get Hard If You Leave Them In A Box,Normal Break In If You Immediatly Use Them,About 2-4 Days,Out Of A Box Break-in,If You Leave Them In It For Years,1-2 Weeks

Does anyone know a website where I can see a set of golf clubs?

as long as you keep them stores somewhere they will be fine.

I believe that game improvement clubs actually do more harm than good. Anyone here have that issue?

Likely not as good as new, but maybe not totally destoyed. The reason is that all things break down over time. Dry rot, exposure to temperatures, ect. will break down the core compounds in the golf balls and make them slowly deteriorate. That is not to say that they will be unusable completely, but they will not be like brand-new golf balls.

How can you tell the diference between a right-hand golf club and a left-hand golf club?

No, they get lost tho. That might be considered bad.

What should a beggining golf player be shooting for 18 holes?

Absolutely! 'Pond finds' are also bad, you know, the ones that are harvested from ponds. Freezing is also bad for golf balls. Most of us non-professional or scratch golfers probably wouldn't notice most of the time but at a point, they don't perform as they did when new.

How did you start shooting 60's and how long did it take?

I wouldn't know, my golf balls last a mximum of 9 holes

What do i have to do to play in the crowne plaza colonial pro-am? balls that have been lying around for a while believe it or not will spoil..also golf balls that are retrieved from the water after being in it for 7 hours are also no good

What is the worst golf shot you've ever hit?


Yes they do go bad , well sort of, not like food stuffs but they loose their playability .

The shelf life on golf balls is about 3 years though so it takes a long time.

Most balls are only good for 18 holes and the pros change after 3 to 6 holes.


How do golfers train before a tournament?

No unless you crack a hole in it

Which irons should I get?

not till atleast 30years old..
i have played with golf balls from my dads time and it still runs and holds too on the green .. what more does one need

Any comment on the Taylormade r7 425 TP driver?

Don't know, never had the opportunity to keep them long enough. Keep on loosing the things...

What is putting in golf?

theyre still good dont worry about it :D

What is a 'best ball' tournament in golf?

1.)How long can you store golf balls before they lose their elasticity?
2.)How long can you play the same ball before it starts causing you to lose distance?

According to my friends at the Acushnet Company, the shelf life for most golf balls is about three to five years.

How long you can play the same ball before you start losing distance depends on who's hitting it. A good player could use the same ball for many rounds without noticing a loss of distance, but probably wouldn't, because cosmetically, the ball would lose its shine. A poor player, who swings the club at the ball like a logger swinging an ax, will probably lose distance quickly because the ball will be knocked out of round and won't have a true ball flight.

Plain and simple:
Only very experienced players can notice playability between a new ball and an old one. But yes, they do lose their playability qualities over time whether they are sitting on a shelf or sitting on the bottom of a lake. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays.

Do you think any of the big named guys (Tiger, Phil...) will show up at the PGA CHampionship Practice Rounds?

Yes some of them do. It they are tour or soft feel golf balls they can go bad or at least lose some distance

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after a year you should buy new.

Which sand wedge is the best ( Titliest Vokey design or Cleveland CG10)?

Try keep it for a hundred years, they'd turn dust!

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