Age to start playing ice hockey?

Question:I was just wondering if it would be too late to start playing ice hockey at age 16... or some time around there. My friend isn't that good at skating, and he's asked me. He wants to play goaltender, but isn't sure if he would be able to start.

Please let me know, so that I can tell him soon. Thanks!


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Well if he want's to just have fun with it and play around it's fine. But age 16 is a little to late, it takes a while to become a decent hockey player. The skating is tuff and shooting, passing, checking, speed all that stuff comes in to play. I don't think he will make a highschool JV or V team though. Try a community league, but yes way to old to start playing hockey, i started when i was 9 and some people thought it was strange seing as how they never had seen a black kid ice skate before., lol.

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you can start anytime
he just needs to take clinics and pratice alot if he wants to compete with kids his age

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No, my brother in law started at 30. He hooked up at a rink for skating lessons, fast tracked with a personal trainer (he could afford it) and jumped right into a learn to play hockey program, he was there with 5 year olds up to pretty old. Skates in several in house leagues and is pretty good. It took him all of a few months. For that matter, girls teams have developmental teams just for this. I'm guessing your aren't a girl ha ha, but check out the largest local rink and/or pro shop because they probably have a few programs to work with. Plus, Goalies are a breed on to themselves, so if he's got the itch, tell him to go for it -- does your school have a hockey team? I bet the coach would be a good resource for cheap lessons.

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Goalies, at least good ones, tend to be amongst the best skaters on a team. Make sure your friend is choosing the position because he likes it, not because he thinks he can 'hide' his skating level.

Another thing to consider with the goaltending position is the cost of gear. Goalies are the most expensive position to outfit. That becomes an issue if one were to quit a month after getting started.

With that said, 16 is not too old to start a sport one intends to pursue recreationally. How quickly he can pick it up and improve will largely depend on his athleticism and his commitment to practice.

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i think it is probably too late for competitive hockey but if you have lessons and are comitted this could happen. I started when i was young but this could be your sport you just might want to compare yourself to others in the league you are playing in.

Good Luck!

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it is never too late to start. I just started and I am 43

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In the NHL you have to be 18. But i started playing hockey when i was 4.

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