Did bruce lee ever fight chuck norrid for real not a movie?

like in a competition style fight


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No. They didn't.

Bruce Lee offered demonstrations at some of the Karate tournaments, but he did not compete. Chuck Norris was a world karate champion who did compete, but according to his own biography and books has never physically used his skills outside a ring or off screen. (In other words, he's never used his skills in a real self-defense situation.)

They did, however, informally train together and exchange ideas on at least one occassion according to Chuck Norris. In an interview Norris gave in one bio-pic on Bruce Lee, Norris said they had an occassion to train in -of all places - the hallway of a hotel. Norris also states that he was one of those who influenced Bruce Lee to use kicks higher than the waist. Bruce Lee coming from a primarily Wing Chun background did not think using high kicks in a real fight was a sound strategy. However, Norris stated he essentially offered to Lee that though practically speaking a fighter might not choose to use kick higher than the waist, the ability to do so offers the fighter greater choices/resources to draw from in a fight.

However, as far as on screen fights, the finale of "Return of the Dragon" between the two is a classic.

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I doubt it Chuck Norris became famous a little after Bruce Lee had died. Plus Chuck Norris trained in Tang Soo Do Karate not Kung Fu like Bruce Lee.

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Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris must have not only sparred but remember that Chuck was at a particuar time World Kung fu Champion it follows that they must have at some point been in competition

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There might be some urban legends out there on that, but not much documentation. Norris was a serious competitor in karate tournaments, and Lee was not into sanctioned tournaments let alone karate. As well, Lee was busy with his film career around same time Norris was busy with his tournament career. They definitely knew each other as early as '67, but it's not as if they were rivals of any kind-one had his movies, the other tournaments. So I don't see what kind of context they would have a fight in. It's not as if either one was into dojo busting or bar fights. If someone had some acutal evidence I would be willing to accept that such a fight took place-so far I haven't seen it.

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norris parents were too late ... bruce was dead by then

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It seems unlikely as Bruce Lee never fought on any sort of a competitive circuit here in the states as far as I know of.

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I seem to remember reading in one of Chuck Norris's books (maybe "Zen and the Martial Arts") that he and Bruce Lee would train together, but it wasn't clear if that included sparing. I know that Bruce Lee showed Chuck Norris his famous punching bags... Bruce Lee had three punching bags, one filled with feathers, the next with sawdust, and the last with iorn filings. He'd have people punch the first, they'd be tenitive at first, and then the second, where they'd be a little stronger, then when they hit the third they'd be suprised. I also remember Chuck saying that he and Bruce had debated on the effectiveness of high kicks in a real fight.

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all you ever wanted to know about chuck norris but were afraid to ask.

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OUCH!!! So many misinformed people here!

Chuck Norris a kung fu champion? Ok...
bruce Lee in tournament? ... no comment
Iron filling punch bag? Are you kidding me?

So many wrong info here I don't even know where to start.

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No, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris did train together on occasion though . They also exchanged a lot of ideas and philosophy . No competition fights though .

Ok Chuck vs Any Of em?

Bruce Lee vs. Chuck? LOL. It must be funny watching it worst than UFC's stupid fighters.

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They met at a tournament that Brude lee did not compete in. They sparred in the hallway of a Hotel and Bruce was impressed enough to put him in a fight scene in a movie.

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