I need some karate demonstration songs!!?

Question:I am entering my schools talent show and I am doing a karate demonstration. What are some good songs I could play and do my forms to?



Can I Just see some real fu#cking fighting from now on?

Kata is Karate fundament, Karate is discipline, honor, justice, mind control, temper control, wise, Karate is not like dancing with I´ve practiced Karate for 13 years and I ´ve seen the way is used in tournaments, so please show another skill in yout talentg contest, or just show your karate training but not "dancing" a kata, execute it just like the martial is, I can guarantee you that if you put all your heart and spirit on that you will win.

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Please use the famous, "Kung Fu Fighting", and "Eye of the Tiger" and" Hit with your best shot.".

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I always get best answer for these. Ok here you go these are all songs that are really awesome for preforming Kata's to.

Blazed up melpomene from the doa2 soundtrack

The Ceasers'- Jerk it out

Dj Encore's- I See Right Through to You

The Mortal Kombat Theme song
Scorpions theme song from mortal kombat

Darude's - Sandstorm
(this one is kinda overdone so you risk somebody else having the same song as you

Darude's- Out of Control

Robert Miles'- Children

Robert Miles'- Piano in trance

Apotheosis'- O Fortuna Techno Remix

Swollen Members'- Killing Spree

Metalica- Master of Puppets

System of a Down's- Chop Suey (I'm not sure if this is good for a kata so you may wanna listen to it first and get your own opinion)

Static X's- I Am

Static X's- Push It

Reliant K's- Pressing On

Rise Against's - Give It All

Wong Fei Hung Instrumental Theme (This is really a song thats traditional to kung fu but you may want to give it a shot)

Franz Ferdinand's- Take Me Out

Dj Slash's- This Is My Life

Kung Fu Hustle's Soundtrack- Casino Fight or The Great Masters of Kung Fu

Dj Sammy's- Heaven

I hope this helps in your search. These are all really good songs in my opinion and I recomend you give as many as you can a listen

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What's with all this silly @$$ music with kata bull that people are doing? The masters who developed these kata didn't do them to music. Find a real martial arts school and leave these entertainers behind. Do you want to be a martial artist or a dance instructor?

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