What is the quickest way to knock someone out in unarmed combat?

No weapons, no sneak attacks or nut shots. What is the #1 way to quickly disable or preferably knock someone out?


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I'll pass on this question because I don't you and you are not one of my students.sorry.

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Choke hold. Everyone has to breath.

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(1) Strait mid weight punch to Adam's apple
Be cautious: heavy punch will kill the person

(2) straight heavy punch punch below any ear

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With a choke hold you run the very real risk of killing the person, and nobody I know wants murder 1 on their rap sheet. A better alternative is a double side punch to the temples with closed fists, hitting the temples simultaneously from each side, hard.

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a quick powerful blow to the area between the neck n shoulder.

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It's all in your training and the training of your opponent. If you are trying to knock someone out, then a blow to the head is probably the way to do it. I wouldn't recommend it for somebody you are not trying to seriously hurt. Disabling an attacker can be done in several ways, usually lower body shots, solar plexus or kicks to the legs or knees. None of this will be easy if your opponent is trained in martial arts. Speed, acuracy and power are needed to knock out someone.

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- Aim your punches/elbows towards the jaw (around the area of the wisdom teeth). Try to have a solid clean punch on the bone not just the side. This will produce a shockwave through the bone to the brain.
- Do a reverse handknife (if u prefer) towards the temple. WARNING: If using a punch or excessive force, the person WILL die.

- Punch the area between the lips and the nose. (light)
- Punch/ handknife to the thoat. (Med)
- Punch to the solarplex. (Med)
- Shin kick to the side of thigh. (VERY EFFECTIVE)

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Why no nut shots? Are you fighting for honor, or are you fighting to win!!?
Do you want to go toe-to-toe with him, or do you want to put him out? You asked what's the number 1 way to quickly disable or knock someone out.
I'm not going to say my way is #1, but if I'm going to get out of the way of someone's right - cross, I would move right through that person, at a 45 degree angle while striking their groin, because I know what his body will do next. He'll bend over like he just got hit in the balls, and that'll leave me with a smorgasbord of targets, including (but not limited to) his head & back.

Don't limit yourself to just the 'cool' targets!

LOL so how many of you actualy belive in this...?


I am aware that asking this question can be controversial, however what are peoples thoughts on chi/ki?

Either palm thrust or elbow the chin area of your attacker. Regarding chokes the safest choke to do is the figure four chokehold which the police force still use because it's the safest choke to perform out of all other chokes.

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rThe quickest way to disable effectively and honestly assuredly is as Royce Gracie has proven.
Yup Royce.
He has proven over and over again BJJ on the ground.
That you do not have to be as big or as stong to win
and to knock someone out is simply that.
Note also he never and I add never had to seriously harm anyone to win and make a statement.
Easiest KO around

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the quickest and easiest in my experience is a simple backfist or snapping strike to the temple area. Hit someone just in front of the temple towards the eye, and they usually go out immediately. I've accidentally done this more times than I can count while sparring, teaching, and training. The first few times I thought people were faking because of the little amount of effort I put in vs. the result obtained.

That, or ol faithful. A good choke hold can take them out in 3-5 seconds. It's still 3-5 seconds of struggle though.

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Keep hitting them till they lose conciousness.

Spinning Hook kick #1?

a quick and powerful strike to the neck.

Would you watch this show?

Quickest? Temple shot, throat shot or perfect haymaker to the nose.

However, those aren't the best in practical fighting. First off they are all small targets and even missing a little bit means you do a lot less damage. Second, they all involve hard areas of the body. Even when attacking the throat, if you miss you hit the chin, cheek or shoulder. This is as likely to damage your hand as it is your opponent.

Choke hold is one of the most common knockouts on the street. But then most fights don't end in knockouts.

I would say try for the open hand slap to the ear if you're willing to do real damage to the person. If done right it can break the eardrum causing great pain and bleeding. If done wrong though it still hurts them and stuns them without damaging your hand any. Follow it up with either a choke or roundhouse elbow to finish.

Be careful, these tips should only be used in self defense, never attack.

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round house kick to tha side of the knee, than a spinning back kick to the sternum, that should do a helluva lot of damage/ if not than thats your problem GET STRONGER

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Open hand slap to the ear
opional (kick to the balls)
Place hands on top of their head
Simoltaniously bring their head down and your knee up
If done right guarunteed knockout.

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