What is the hardest part of the head?

Sometimes, in school fights a guy gets a guy down and locks his arms, on top of him face to face. But they dont want to choke him to death, so they just sit there. But what if i could use my head to bash them in the nose? What is the hardest part of the head?


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The top of the forehead is not only the hardest part of the head but also th ehardest part of the body. If you can deliver a headbutt and land it correctly using the top of the forehead you can mess someones face up pretty good.

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The hardest part of the head would be the back of the head, and usually in Martial Arts is attacked by a palm strike.

I am in the Medical Field and know that if you Head butt one in the temporal side of the brain ( Side of his head) you can cause major damage/trauma, or even a knock out for a moment is the compactization is really velocitized and intense.


if you are at face to face with someone and want to smash them in the nose, you would want to use the forehead. watch out for your own face also. weak spots on the hear are temple, ear, back, neck, eyes, and nose

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The Forehead. I think its pretty much the strongest bone on the body.

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The hardest part of the head is the part that keeps a person repeating a behavior that is detrimental or just plain stupid, such as excessive drinking, or urinating on police cars.

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As stated by cobra, it is the forehead.

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The hardest part of the skull is the frontal dome, just above the forehead.
The lower jaw is the densest bone in the body, but don't use it to strike, the TMJ makes it not a very good surface for contact.

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The crown of your skull, that's why in boxing your coaches always tell you to keep your chin pressed into your collar bone.

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they are right the top of the forehead

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