What does Oss, or Osu mean in Karate?

I understand the breathing technique and reason, I do not understand what Oss means where I do know what Hai means. Is Oss a real word or made up?


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Oss or Osu is to my knowledge not a real Japanese word, it is like saying Aye to the Captain in the old days, or Hoo Rah, it is used as a way of confirming in a positive manner to someone that is usually of higher rank than you or higher in status than you are.

ANd young lady, Karate is not a language it is a word in the Japanese language and I think he wanted to know if it was a real Japanese or martial arts word. =]] and I think Garrety knows this, but cannot find the word Oss in their Dictionary am correct Rgarrety??

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sorry i don't speak karate, didn't no it was a language

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this word just happens to be a good "sound" for breathing techniques.

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oss is one of those japanese words that only exist in the karate world. Although I do know that it's been around for a long long long time. It wouldn't be found in a dictionary kinda like we would find "sarent" or "LT" in a dictionary. While what it means exactly is not quite known, the sensei above nailed it on the head.

It basically means "understood" and is often presented as a question and the answer... I've also heard "ho" used before



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Apart from the use in Karate i know of two meanings in japanese for the word 'osu'

1: push
2: male

probably neither of them have anything to do with the use in karate.

'Hai' means yes in a formal situation. You say it to your sensei, but if you talk to your friend you just kind of grunt 'n'.

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