Why do martial artists make strange noises when practicing?

Question:Here i am with another martial arts question! Is there any point to these breathing, shreeking sounds? Do they help, is it just for show or a natural body reaction?
I find i prefer to just keep quiet!


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same reason why women tennis players scream when they hit the ball ... intimidation (mind games)

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ya, it helps the energy flow.

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I thnk they chanting acient japanese prayers or somthn like that. But its definately not jus random noises.

This is SERIOUS?

It serves 2 purposes.

1. It intimidates the opponents.

2. It adds power to the blow

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also, people breathe out when pressing weight.
You bench press up and breathe out as you do, you breathe in as you let the weight down. same for squatting and curling, or whatever. When they punch or kick, they breathe out.
Intimidation ties into it but sounds also make someone feel they are doing something.
i've heard some say something about projecting chi or something when they make noise and strike.

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. . . it's called barking according to my shih-tsu . . .

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It's a way of releasing energy and it works for some where others might not find it so useful. I guess it would also serve as an intimidation technique also

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My sensai said it was so he could aborb the pressure of the throw he was werid though

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The "kiyai" ( I think I spelled that right ) , the noise you're refering to, is supposed to help you release your "ki" or "chi", depending on what style you're studying. This is the energy or life force that martial artists are trying to tap into to give strikes and blocks more power.

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ok, you ever try to pick up something very heavy?? do you ever notice that you grone? why?? believe it or not this is your question. does the wierd breathing help strength, and why.

first yes it does. one reason is simple, to supply the mucsles with the oxegen they need to preform properly. but this doesn't explain the noise does it. second it is a tightenign of the diafram.

the diafram is a key muscle along your center, another muscle that acts the same way is the pelvic floor. ok first the diafram (remember wikapidia has all these muscle groups in full detail so i'll just fly over them now) the contracting of the diafram tightens the stomach and helps "connect" your shoulders and arms to your helps providing better lift and pushing power. because the diafram is dirrectly related to your lungs this also exserts your air. while training, teachers tell there students to kia (that yell your refering to) to make sure that they are doing it correctly. later after understanding the purpose of it some students might silence it making it into the heavy breathing.
next the pelvic floor acts the same way the diafram does by "connecting" the middle part (your stomach and such) to your legs which is where power comes from.
for more information you can contact me via the link provided next to my avatar.

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THe reason they make these sounds is because it lets them really emphasize their power. When they shriek they are breathing heavily as well which gives them more power in way.

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Well, from what I know.. I got this in a book, but dont remember it viviidly... they said, when martial artist yell when kicking punching, is to let go of the chi.. ying and yang.

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It helps with your breathing which is very important in the martial arts thing and it releases energy, which controls your power output... It is all likned together and when it flows you get this great feeling of power...

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building of energy

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umm...are they really stranger noises? why does a basketball player yell when he dunks, or tennis player make noise when swinging the racket and hittin the ball. the differnace is that martail artist are not fighting while doing it. So it seems weird to make noise without reason..but it's actauly exsertion of energy.


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which martial art? I have experienced some of this myself , Karate use this individual sound to focus mind and body , judo players grunt when using a lot of effort when throwing an opponent. to me its a natural response

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There are several reasons for the sounds.
they are called kiah ( pronounced key- ahh) in karate.
One major purpose is air movement, if you can evacuate all the air out of your torso you reduce the chance of injury. this is a biological and physics thing, not energy-magic-mumbo-jumbo. If you have two zip-lock bags and blow air into one then seal it. Now set them both on the counter and smack them. the one with air will get damaged the one without will be ok. Same concept.
Also, if you breath out during a technique it helps you focus ( same thing with shooting a gun or arrow.)

The sound can do several things. I find that people tend to flinch when you scream in there face. This provides a split second of opportunity. You claim you will laugh if someone made these noises, but chances are that when you hear a very loud noise you jump. Most of us do.
the sounds can also throw off an attackers timing. Sometimes people base there techniques on the sounds, if you change up your yells you can confuse them.
Another bonus is that if you are in a real life situation your screams will call attention to the scene and this can be enough to scare off a would be attacker.

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release of energy

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its to intimidate and keep breathing cause ppl will start to not breathe

Why peoples do martial arts?

To help release some of the pent-up energy.

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Well, if I eat before I go to class, I might fart, which is also an effective weapon, especially in ground fighting.

When we practice our forms as a group, without the instructor counting, we all breathe audibly so that everyone knows when its time to make the next move.

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Kickboxers and Boxers make an "ooosh" "oost" sound when they throw a punch or kick to exhale air from the diaphram, this also tenses the diaphram slightly and protects the abdomin area, if you did not do this if you threw a kick or punch and someone caught you in the guts area the chances are you would be winded more times than not if you did not exhale, the sound is made as a memory jog I imagine that you should make a noise when you thrown each shot, it also becomes instictual after you have trained for several month and you start to just make the "oost" sound with every shot thrown.

As for Karate they concentrate more on noise for scaring people eeeeyaaa, when they turn etc.. which is kinda funny I think.

Hope this helps

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It's to help with breathing. Not all the noises are necessary. But for the most part it's to force out the breath and to sort of remind you to keep breathing. Also when you know you are about to land a kick *** move and throw one of those "shreeks" in there, it just makes you feel cool.

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Then noise you mean is the breathing. I sure as hell ain't intimidated by someone breating at me! When you're doing a high energy exercise, like a martial art, it's vital you keep your blood flow full of oxygen, or you'll get very stiff and possibly pass out.
The breathing, can also be used as a timing mechanism. If you do the movement when you breathe out you can get more force behind it. Strange but true. Guess it's just syncronizing the body or something.

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In different arts, they make different sounds. In Karate we shout at certain parts of our kata's. Usually only once or twice per kata. It's used to make us take a deep breath there. When people learn katas theres alot of different things going on that they are paying attenion to and most everyone will hold their breath and not even know it. The shout makes us remember to breath.
In Tae-Kwon-Do it seems like they are always shouting. They shout "Yes, Master', 1-10 in American, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican. They shout the name of the school and I've actually heard them shout Hi-Ya.
I don't pretend to know about the other arts but I do know about Karate.

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if you make the breathing noise "oos" when you strike you are breathing out and will automatically breath back in again, most beginners don't breath properly and cant fight as long or as many rounds. (orange belt American kick boxing,soon to be green belt)

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i took a class once and the answer is that they think it helps release more energy/power.

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release the air and to intimidate

Why join a McDojo?

it helps ur with ur energy intimidates people

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