Do u think 15 is too late to start karate lessons?


Bruce Lee's real fights?

Yes anyone over the age of 10 can not train in Karate. Give up all hope now and go to the nearest Judo, Jujitsu or Muay Thai club.

Ok Joking!! No you can start at any age. I am just not a fan of the styles of Karate taught in North America. I prefer arts that stick to proper techniques and have full contact fighting and trianing. Just understand that it will take at least 5 years of hard work to obtain a black belt. So don't think that by next September you will be braging to your friends at school that your a black belt. Besides you shouldn't brag about it a true artist or fighter doesn't have to.
13 years of training in Judo

How does a 12 year-old become a ninja?

lol i was wondering the same thing since im 14 and i thought it would be cool to try it.. lol i'll do it with u so we can do it together

Ok, I missed it. What was Randy Couture's BIG announcement on Spike?


you may not be the grand master of your style, but you can still progress as far as most ever will.

What is the most powerful method of self defense?

Nope - I know a 75 yr old black belt who started when he was 68.
He can kick my butt!

Who is the founder of the maibukan Go Ju karate organization?

not at all

Do any weapons such as metal claws than can be attached on the hand or wrist exist? If so, from what period?

No, started at 31 myself.

Where can i find how to fight ?

i really don't know!

About martial arts?

Not at all, there are 8 and 9 year olds out there practicing martial arts of all kinds.

How much can you tell me about Randy Couture?

no, many people take up martial arts well into their adult life and for many reasons. I think 15 is a perfect age. I started Tae Kwon Do when I was 11 and I enjoyed it but would rather have been playing with friends and began to resent it. If you want to do it and end up enjoying it then it is never too late to start something.

How can I use Chi Kung in order to increase my jumping ability for martial arts?

did you mean 75?

How can one become a sexual artist? Get a blackbelt in say Missionary Style or in Doggy style?

not it depends on how u feel physically

Best way to start martial arts?

Not at all! One is never too old and it is never to late to start learning and doing what you love! Good luck!

I want to start fighting in any mixed martial arts organization does any one know how i can get started?

Not at all. There are adults who start taking lessons who are 20's, 30's, 40's, even older probably.

Can kung fu and tae kwon do defend yourself in a street fight?

Nope, age doesn't really matter that much in karate, commitment does. There is a 3rd degree black belt in Taiwan who started karate at age of 65!! As long as you train hard, you won't have to worry, your results would show as time goes on.

Are there different types of Taijutsu?

No you will be able to understand instruction better at this age and will probably be more dedicated to that art. Its not like peewee football, if you are dedicated you will progress as far as you want to.


If Bruce Lee was alive is there anyone in the whole wide world that could beat him up ?

its never too late to start some sort of martial art all you really needs is the discipline

What is the point in learning Tae Kwon Do forms. (Katas)?


Usually when a 14 year old learns muay thai does he or she sparrs?

No , its a perfect age to begin . Many people start their martial training much later in life . Fifteen is still very young . Have fun !

What was "the major news" for the ufc?

No, definitely not. My cousin started when he was 17, he is now over 50 and a 5th Dan and has 2 Dojos

Ok, so who are gonna win the UFC fights tonight? match by match?

Nah, Not at all dude, but I would reccomend that you started earlier because now is the time to start focusing on what college you plan on attending after you graduate from Highschool.

but it never hurts to have a hobby or study Martial Arts, as long as it doesn't interfere with you're schoolwork.

You just need to find a Martial Arts School that will provide a safe environment for you (and one that you'll want to go to because you like it) The discipline You plan on studying studies DOESN'T MATTER because there is NO discipline that is better than another.

What matters is that you feel comfortable (and like the classes) in the classes and you (or your parents) feel comfortable that the instructor can properly teach you self defense and not have the "smoke and mirrors" aspect. and that the instructor likes to do it more for the teaching aspect rather than the "making money" which it is a business to make money but it should not be the only reason for teaching the discipline.

find about 3 local schools (up to 15 minutes away) that you'd be interested in taking some trial classes (usually a week's worth and if they offer them without a contract or expectation to join), and then narrow it down to the one you liked the most or showed the most interest in, and then ask your parents to enroll you in that school.

just be cautious about school's that're a "McDojo's" type of school.

these kinda schools usually do a lot of boasting about their accolades (like having several "young black belts" that're usually 9 or 10 yrs old), and often boast about students making their black belts in about a year’s time (which it should be up to 5 years or better) which often means that they have a high student turnout rate. which is not a good sign.

They'll also often try to get you to commit to a contract, usually one that's 6 months long or more. which is a BIG red flag

These schools will also brag about how many tournaments their students have entered in and placed or won a trophy or awards.

While Tournaments are good to go to, but they are the LEAST necessary aspect to concern yourself with.

In short a McDojo's type of school will basically "give" you your belt ranks as long as you are paying the outrageous fees per month, and you won't really learn self defense.


I started when I was 44.
Do you have any other questions?

How much is it for insurance to hold a mma show a friendtold me 300?

I've been doing it for 42 years. I'd say 14/15 is a good time to start. Your bones are just about sorted, your muscles are beginning to form nicely and most important your head is beginning to sort itself out.

Find a school where you are taught traditional values. Don't expect to learn anything too quickly. Remember that anything learnt too quickly can be unlearnt very quickly too.

Which style isn't too important at this stage, more the teacher who you will be working with. You need to be able to respect the person and feel they give you respect too (but not too much eh...LOL). I started with Shotokan (Japanese in 1962) and moved through several other japanese styles before finding a Korean style I enjoy.

Most of all, enjoy it. For a woman, it will help you develop poise and respect for yourself.

Good luck

Who's going to win UFC Saturday 18th?

no... i know someone that is 50 and he started a year ago. hes one of the best ppl i know in it (besides the black belts).

What's more beneficial Plyometrics or Strength Training?

no, i know people who started this art for 10 yrs then moved to another. the best time is when ur 12-16 because thats the time when u start something and it sticks with u.

Which famous soccer players practice martial arts?

no. you are never to late to learn a martial art.

Liddell or Shaq?

no.have you got an intelligent question?

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