If you take up gymnastics, are you doomed to be short and flat-chested?

is it coincidence because a lot of them are. svetlana khorkina is considered tall yet she's only 5'4". shannon miller has a nice chest and so does courtney kupets, but that's about it.


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look at it this way, sexy abs...

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yeah, to be successful youre more than likely going look like that because it's much easier to do gymnastics when youre short and have a small chest. people who are tall or have large chests find it much more difficult so you never see them in the spotlight like other people. basically if you join gymnastics it will have nothing to do with the outcome of your height or chest size...those are due to your genes, no matter what.

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no, thats a myth.

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Only when the athletes take hormones in order to keep them short and flat-chested, but that happens when a girl wants to follow the championship way. Of course you have a point about Khorkina, but I think that she is the exception of the rule.

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No I am only 5' 00" but my bra size is 34 D one of my best friends on level 6 is 5'7" and has a pretty big chest. It is just a myth. Don't believe it.


it depends on what age and what level you are talking about. Competitive gymnasts are often short and flat because they work out so many hours a week at a young age it delays the onset of puberty and prevents them from growing to full height. Look at retired gymnasts like Nadia, Kim Zmeskal or Kerri Strug.once they stopped the intense training they started to develop. Recreational gymnasts don't face these issues, because one to two hours a week does nothing to your development.

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No thats a myth. Most profesional gymnasts are skinny and flat chested because they have eating disorders. A lot of gymnasts are bound to develop an eating disorder in order to please their coach and to preform better and to look their best. I think it is just that a lot of gymnasts are on the shorter side, usually gymnasts are short and dancers are tall, but I don't think height matters.

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