How do they decide where to hold the Olympic games?

I'd like to know where the Olympics are being held over the next few years and how they decided on those places.


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As was already mentioned, the IOC decides where the games will be held.

You also asked about future games. They are:

2008 Summer Games -- Beijing
2010 Winter ames -- Vancouver, BC, Canada
2012 Summer Games -- London, England

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International Olympic Committee goes to the nominated cities then votes on which is the best qualified to hold the Olympics.

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by bidding. You have to beat other cities by what your city can offer.

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Next Olympic Games are going to be held in Beijing China and the way they decide this is like this: Countries bid for the rights to hold the Olympics because it brings great revenues for them and the countries that have a decent infrastructure such as good hotels, arenas etc. get to hold them. Also they try to rotate around the world. This time is in Asia and next time may be in North America and etc.

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the IOC will have a voting for the place

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