What kinds of fish can you catch off a pier in Tampa Bay? And what's the best kind of bait to use there?

I'm going next week and would like to do some fishing. There's a pier where we are staying. Oh, and where is the best place to get a license and how much is it in Manatee County? I'm actually staying in Ruskin which is about a half an hour from Tampa right by Sun City (Old People Paradise!).


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Go to Gandy Bridge and use Fiddler Crabs for Sheeps head.
You can also use shrimp for Red Snapper and Trout.

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i'd try getting some small baitfish like herring or anchovies and just dangling it in the water.

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Been there, done that. Nothing worth fishing for that will bite. Puffer fish, crucifix fish (UGly), long skinny fish with long mouth full of needle sharp teeth, mullet (which won't bite, must be netted and are nasty unfit to eat), drum (which snap lines and poles). Did see a woman catching crabs. I thought 'what is she doing?' She had a chicken leg tied to a big string and was throwing it out a short distance. After a bit, she pulled the line in and crabs clung to the chicken leg! She had a 5 gal. bucket full in a short time. Good eating and looked easy. Try that. If you want fish, try the river. Watch out for 'gators! They're everywhere there is water except the bay.

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