What level is a marksman in the military? Is it the highest skill level?


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Marksman is the lowest of the 3 levels of marksmanship qualification in the US Army. The levels are as follows (from lowest to highest):

Being rated as a Marksman does not mean you cannot shoot, it just means you did not meet the highest standards set by the Army. In the opinion of an ex-Drill Instructer qualifying is qualifying. There is alot of pressure on trainees when they qualify and just getting through and qualifying is something to be proud of and the marksman badge should not be discounted as anything but that!

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NO expert rifleman is highest

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each service is different...i am retired army...marksman in the army is the lowest level

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at least in the NAVY, Marksman is the minimum named qualification for which you can be awarded a ribbon. Then Sharpshooter, then the highest level of proficency is Expert...

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Yep, those guys are right

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No it's the lowest. The highest is expert rifleman.

1. Marksman
2 Sharpshooter
3. Expert rifleman

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Gary H has it right. The Canadian military doesn't deviate to much from this. Level of range type may also be a cause of what qualification is given to the soldier. I also agree on the point that this qualification is a pass/fail requirement for soldiers, not a merit badge of how well you do from the boy scouts.

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Wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald a marksman and everyone thought he was a great shot in the popular public, even though that's the lowest rank. Marksman sounds like the best shot, so the general public was fooled. I may be wrong, but I thought I heard that somewhere.

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For the answer above mine, Oswald had earned a sharpshooter badge. It really doesn't mean much though because you are judged upon entering the military. It depends on how well you deal with target shooting under pressure while you have all the other burdens of basic training on your mind.

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It looks like most branches are relatively the same. In the Marines, a Marksman was considered a 'pizza box' since the medal was just a square target looking thing. The next level was Sharpshooter, which was cross shaped, and the highest level was 'Expert' and was crossed rifles with wreaths around it.

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Marksman is the lowest. From bottom to top is Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert.

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no, competition shooters are the best, but military guys are tought how to shoot by pros, so i bet they would be pretty good

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