BB left in the body - is it important to remove it?


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i had a buddy in school with one stuck just under the skin on top of his ear. he tried to cut it out a time or two, but i think he just decided to leave it in.
my former tae kwon do instructor has one in his right eye, right where his pupil should be.
they have never had any problems that i'm aware of(ok, well, the instructor is blind in one eye)

i'd say it's a good idea not to get shot with a bb in the first place.

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I had one in my lip for almost a year, then one day it just kinda popped out. I wouldnt worry about it, but keep an eye on the entry point and look for signs of infection.

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How deep?

I'd be concerned that BBs are not all copper anymore...some other alloy that may not be benign long term.

I'd get a surgeon to cut it out. Think of the embarrassment every time you fly!

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BB's contain metal, and when it fires from the gun, it leaves a residue on the BB. If all that stuff gets washed into ur blood stream, its not a good thing. If you have had a recent tetnus shot, it shouldn't bother you, but its still a good idea to get it removed. Depending on the BB's materials (what metal it was used to make it) could be toxic or deadly to you. Its possible you might have an allergic reaction as well. Make sure you call a doctor or hospital, and have the package with you. It contains information they need.

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hell yha cuz i got shot with a bb gun close up and i did not take out an i got infectoin

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No, in most cases of gunshot victims, they will leave the bullet unless it is in a place that can cause harm. Reasoning is that it could cause more pain or damage when retreiving it. My little brother has a pellet lodge in his upper gum line. It does not cause him pain, so doctors suggested leaving it alone.

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it depends on the material it is made of and where it is embedded into the skin. read the side of the package the BB came from. alot of BBs, pellets and buckshot has let in them...adn that's not good for your health at all. if the foreign object contains led, get it removed ASAP. if not and it's not impairing any function of your body, such as vision, respiration and what's up to you. if it's stuck in your leg and or hand and you're not really crazy about seeing doctors...yes most of the time, just like splinters, they will work themselves out of your body, me personally, i would not wait that long...depending on how deep it's lodges and in what location it could take from weeks to years for it to come out. I don't have the patience for that and would much rather cut it out myself than to waste the time making a doctors appointment. if it's not too deep, you're clean about it (sterilization of instruments and cleaning of wound after removal) and you can stand the pain...either carefully do it yourself or have someone you can trust do it for you.

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no i have a co2 pellet in my leg for 2 years never disturbed me only when i got shot

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Are you saying that you "shot your eye out?" (you accidently shot yourself) with your red ryder or were you pheasant hunting and shot a pheasant and now you are cleaning it?

If its in you then I would just get it out, sooner or later that bb is gonna do something to you (in a bad way) and for all you know you might get a infection and they might have to take the axe out and amputate your body part.

If you shot lets say a pheasant then it doesn't matter unless if you are making a soup.

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its quite common for bullets and fragements from shells to be left in the person. However, asking a doctor cant hurt.

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BB’s is copper plated Steel, in all the years I’ve been alive I have never seen or even heard of a solid copper BB, and I’m pushing 50.
Stop to consider how many Veterans are running around with Grenade shrapnel still in them, let alone all the Veterans with bullets that’s steel jacked/lead core or copper jacked/lead core.
This has not harmed them enough to need removal after that many years.
The human body will expel most BB’s on its own in time.
The BB usually does not go deep enough to avoided the bodies ability to expel it.
It will be sore for a while, but only you know where it is in the body.
If it’s in the eye YES go to a doctor and get it out now.
But in the arm, leg or other meaty part of the body it’s your call, I have seen several BB wounds that when they went to the doctor to get it removed, discovered it had never fully penetrated the body even though they swore it was lodged in them.
Most of the time the BB bounces back out leaving only a shallow hole.
My sister shot her self with my BB gun, and that what it did leave a shallow hole and bounced out, that was 40 years ago and she still gets teased about it today.
My father took her to the doctor, he cleaned the wound and sent her home.

It’s you call, but if it were lodged in the meaty part of body torso, I would say it will most likely come out on its own if it‘s still in there.
The only concern is have you had a Tetanus shot in the last few years.

Hope I was of some help.


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Unless it's in an annoying place, leave it alone. A fibrous scar-like tissue will form around it, and there may be something of a lump. It may eventually spit itself out, but that's OK, too.

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This really isn't the place to ask that question. Have your Doctor take a look and inform you of your choices. I'm sure he's seen worse things and heard worse stories. Just go and have it looked at.

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Dude, just go to the doctor.

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Leave it alone if it is not bothering you. It will eventually work its way to the surface if it is not too deeply imbedded.

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Aint much to brag on if it
were a 50 cal. it would make a good bar story but a bb naw take it out

I got part of a personel carrier in my leg since 1967 but a bb come on and you didnt say where it was in your hide if it aint hurtin or infected fugagetboutit

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lol sound lie some one been playing war,,lol well i got a few scars on me from this an ,if left a long it will soon , just pop out

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