Can a 17 year old buy an assault rifle or handgun from a private dealer in louisiana?


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You can NOT buy an assault rifle unless you have an FFL class 3 license. This is issued only to adults who meet BATF stringent requirements for a class 3. Assault rifles have automatic fire capabilities, either full auto or burst mode.

The term assault riffle has been incorrectly attached to semi-automatic rifles based on military design. Even self proclaimed "gun experts" incorrectly call these type of firearms assault rifles. If more than one round can be fired with a single pull of the trigger it is an assault rifle, if it can not, it is NOT an assault rifle. An M-16 is an assault rifle, an AR15 is not. An MP5 is an assault rifle; an H&K94 is not. An H&K G3 is an assault rifle an H&K91 is not.

This ignorant behavior is what lead to the assault weapons ban. Nothing gets me more pissed off than "gun experts" who ignorantly support this incorrect use of the term “assault rifle”

You should at least know what you are buying before you put down your money. NO, at 17 you can not buy a semi-automatic rifle. Not even a Ruger 10/22.

Does anybody have a video of a 13 balls per second paintball gun?

"private dealer"?

If he is a dealer, with a Federal Firearms License, he has to comply with all federal and state laws regarding the sale of the firearm.

If he is just a friend selling you a gun. He does not have to do the paperwork required of a dealer.

If you are a legal adult in Louisiana, then the dealer or the friend can sell you the gun. If you are not a legal adult, they may not sell you the gun.

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calm down Eric and Dylan we don't need another April 20th massacre. no child in the world needs an assault rifle

It'll soon be 4:20 many people are ready and who's already jumped the gun?

I'm not sure about the gun laws in Louisiana, but I don't think that anyone under 18 years old can legally own either a rifle or a handgun. A private dealer - meaning private party? An individual could sell a firearm to anyone, but if an individual sold a firearm to a person under the age limit, the seller would also be prosecuted.

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When I was around 14 or 15 years old I bought a new Marlin
.22 cal. Semi auto rifle and I and my buddy, [he had same rifle], would walk through the streets, carrying them to the dumps to shoot rats. No one ever stopped us, or asked questions. not even cops

Same with shotguns. We did get hunting licenses. But your
question just brought back some good memories of many years ago. I couldn't resist writing about it. No one was afraid of someone carrying a rifle or shotgun. People didn't carry handguns.

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not if you dont want the Feds on you

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No you can not, you'll lose your money and your firearm and the dealer will lose there FFL.

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Not until he turns 18, then he can get an assult rifle. You would have to wait until you are 21 to get a handgun.

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No By Federal Law You Have to be 18 to buy a Rifle or a Shotgun and 21 To buy a Handgun. The buy a real assault rifle (one that is Fully Automatic) There are addtional requirements at the Federal Level provided that it is allowed by your home State I believe it is in LA. Full autos are not cheap costing between $5000-$20,000+

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Go play airsoft and leave the gun to serious people. Better yet, just stick to XBox.

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No. You must be 18 to buy a long rifle/shotgun and 21 to purchase a handgun. This is in most states. Some states require you be 19 to purchase any guns.

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No. 18 to purchase, if by assault rifle you mean a semi-auto rifle.
No state permit is required for the purchase of a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.
It is unlawful to sell or deliver firearms or other dangerous weapons to anyone under the age of eighteen. Lack of knowledge of the minor’s age is not a defense.

Full laws for each state at the link below.

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At the risk of sounding a bit harsh, what business does a 17 year old whose screen name is "Billyy tha kid" have with an "assault rifle or handgun"?

Go on back and play some more GTA, and leave the whole drive-by shooting thing alone. You'll put an eye out, kid...

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