Whats bigger 44 mag or 45acp?


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.44magnum = .432inch diameter (bullet) x 1.61 inch length overall (loaded cartridge)
.45 ACP = .451inch diameter (bullet) x 1.26 inch length overall (loaded cartridge)

.45 is the larger diameter bullet, but only slightly. Bullet weights are comparable - most .45 ACP are between 160-230 grains, .44 Mag are 180-240 grains. The .44 Magnum, however, contains significantly more powder and is the more powerful round. Typical .45 ACP loads propel the bullet at 850-1100 Feet Per Second with 350-400 Foot-Pounds of energy. Typical .44 Magnum loads are 1200-1600 FPS and 750-1050 Ft-Lb...

So really it depends on exactly how you mean "Bigger".

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just a little 44 mag is stronger and gives a bigger Punch the 45 is what the police are using know

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The .44 Mag is a larger Caliber than the .45ACP. It has a larger bullet diameter but a slower velocity. The foot pounds behind the .44 are much greater with a more substantial recoil than the .45

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One of the answers above is incorrect. A 44 caliber slug is smaller than a 45 caliber slug. The bigger the number the bigger the slug. However, a 44 special or 44 mag has alot more power than a 45acp. They are 2 differnt class of firearms. The 44 is 2 times the length of the 45acp.

The 44mag is usually involved with revolvers and the firearm will also usually be very heavy and very well built to handle the power produced by the magnum. This caliber was intended for hunting or just to show off. It has a huge imapct on the target it is fire at. Some choose to use this as a protection round thinking that more power equals better chance of winning the fight.

The 45acp is usually cambered in auto loading handguns like the Glock, HK, Springfield & 1911 firearms. This caliber is used for defencive reasons and target shooting. It has a good strong hit on the target. This is one of the most popular rounds carried in the law enforcment, military and personal fields. Although the .40S&W is a better choice in my opinion, the 45acp is a well rounded caliber and gets the job done.

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.44 special/.44 magnum= .429" slug diameter*
.45 acp= .451" slug diameter

*careful with using wikipedia because it is not always reliable

I judge size by bullet diameter. Sure, the .44 round has more brass and power, but it is merely longer. You have to be more specific.

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bigger as in size? .44 mag is a revolver cartridge so it's a lot longer than .45acp.

.44 Mag packs a lot more punch as well. The average .44 magnum round vs. average .45ACP round will pack twice as much muzzle energy.

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.429 vs..451 caliber, and the classic loads are a 240 grain bullet for the 44 and 230 for the 45 ACP. Pretty close, so between the 44 Special and the 44 ACP, they're pretty comparable rounds. The 44 Magnum is a lot hotter than the 44 Special standard loads using the same bullet. Also 230 grains is about as large a bullet as you can feed the autoloader. There are good hunting bullets for the 44 Mag in the 300 grain range. There's really no point in a direct comparison, though, because the 45 ACP is a military/police round not suited for hunting, and the 44 Magnum (with apologies to the fictional Harry Callahan) a hunting round not siuted for military/police use.

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What is bigger, the .44 Magnum or the .45 ACP? You only have to look at the two bullets to answer this question. The .45, however, with a nominal wideth of approx. .454" is slightly wider than the forty-fours approximately .429" of diameter. The .44's bullet is also slightly heavier at 240 grains versus a nominal 230 grain for the .45 acp. And of course, the .44 is way longer.

Now, what you should be asking, "Which is more powerful?" The .44 Magnum, of course.


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The 45 ACP is a larger diameter round moving at around 850 feet per second for a 230 grain ball round.

The 44 Remington Magnum is only slightly smaller but traveling a higher velocity of around 1400 feet per second typically in a 240grain load.

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If you are looking for a short range hunting round the 44 magnum is a good choice for anything out to 150 yards in a good carbine like the Marline 1894S. It will give you effective knockdown power and is a better choice if you are limited on the range you can hunt on.

If you are looking for stopping power against an intruder than the tried and true .45ACP is hard to beat. The heavy slow moving bullet dumps a lot of its energy into the target and the risk of over penetration is reduced. It served as the backbone of the military for a side arm from WW I till even the present as it is seeing a rise once again in popularity.

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Well let me see if I can shed a little light on the subject. The .45 auto is larger caliber lead than the .44 mag. Now that being said, of the two the .44 is more powerful, shooting at 1760 -1580 fps (feet per second) depending on the load. While the .45 auto will range fron 1250 - 780 fps depending on the load. Now the 44 special shoots 1340 - 755 fps and the .45 long colt shoots 1100 -800 fps.

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