Can some explain how the "chamber" on a gun works?

what is its purpose and will the gun fire a bullet thats loaded in the chamber even when there's no clip in it?


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the clip has a spring that pushes the bullet up . when the hammer goes forward it hits a firring pin that hits the ignter located on the end of the shell casing causing it to fire. the energy from the explosion then throws the bullet forward and pushes the chamber back as it does it grabs hold and discharges the shell cassing out and when the chamber comes back forward it it pushes the bullet in the clip forward and into the barrel.

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The chamber is the part of the gun that holds the cartridge. You will notice that when you look at a cartridge it is wider than the bullet. The bullet, is the little thingy that goes down the barrel and out the end. So, when you load a round into the chamber, you stick the pointy end, the bullet, in first, into the barrel, then the other part, the cartridge. When you release the bolt, or locking mechanism, that holds everything together, your weapon is loaded. This is called chambering a round. Now your weapon is ready to fire. You do not need a clip to fire a single round. The clip holds multiple rounds and lets you fire quicker than loading single rounds.

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if you chamber a round (make the weapon put a bullet in the chamber) the (magazine) clip can be taken out (which holds the ammo)
but the round (bullet) you chambered (loaded into the part that shoots the bullet) is still there.

It will shoot the bullet you chambered without the clip that holds the bullets.

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The "chamber" is where the bullet is when it is prepared to fire. With an automatic pistol you can put the clip in, pull back on the slide to chamber a round and then remove the clip. The gun is still ready to fire.

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I believe it will fire, as long as there is one bullet in there. Dont point it at yourself to find out though. You should be more specific about exactly what type of gun you are referring to

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The chamber is place where the bullet is ready to fire. As soon as the gun is cocked, a bullet will be taken from the clip and put into the chamber. Most guns have an auto loader after the first bullet is fired using the force from the blast to feed another bullet into the chamber.

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The chamber in a firearms is machined to fit a particuarl caliber of ammunition (with very close tolerances too). It is to contain the exploding gunpowder in the cartridge.

Yes, a weapon will fire the round in the chamber even where there is no magazine in the firearm.

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Yes it will fire if a bullet is chamber with the mag removed.
Chambering or chamber is just a way of said that there is a bullet sitting in front if the firring pin ready to fire. The chamber is made a little thicker metal to with stand the pressure of the firing bullet.

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The chamber is what holds the bullet just before it is fired. Now, tomorrow or whenever the trigger is pulled.

It does not have to have a clip in most guns to fire. I think there are a few that will not fire without the clip but most will.

Do not try it as it will most likely fire it, as most do..

For safety most do not keep a bullet in the chamber. Not a safe thing to do. Will load one to the chamber just before firing.

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I'll answer your question as it relates to semi-automatic handguns.

When you insert the magazine (please stop calling it a clip) and rack the slid you strip the first round off the top and into the chamber. Now the gun is ready to fire. (once the safety is disengaged if there is one). Pull the trigger and it goes boom. Thanks to newton's 3rd law and the recoil spring the slide will cycle back and forwards again, stripping off the next round in the magazine. This will continue until you either stop pulling the trigger or you empty the magazine.

<For safety most do not keep a bullet in the chamber. Not a safe thing to do. Will load one to the chamber just before firing.>

Not good advice for a gun you carry for self-defense. In a life and death situation you may not have 2 free hands to rack the slide.

Always follow the rules of gun safety, and remember that the most impotant safety is the one between your ears.

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Note that some guns have magazines safeties and WILL NOT fire without a magazine (or clip). Bad surprise if you are not prepared for it. Also, you should treat all guns as if they are loaded, so it might as well be loaded if you are using it for self-defense.

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