What would a remington model 14 35 caliber rifle be worth?

Its in fair if not good condition.


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- .25 Rem., .30 Rem., .32 Rem., or .35 Rem. cal., 22 in. barrel, 5 shot mag., open sight, plain pistol grip stock, 22 in. steel barrel, 6 lbs. Mfg. 1912-35.
Grading ...80% ..70% ..60%
.......$200 .$130 ..$110

Add 50% for "thumbnail" safety (introduced in 1918).
Add 15% for .25 Rem.
This model was also manufactured in higher grades, including A, C, and F. Premiums vary according to originality and condition.


- similar to 14A, with 18 in. barrel, straight grip stock.
Grading ...80% ..70% ..60%
......$450 ..$400 ...$350

Add 25% for .25 Rem. cal.
Add 10% for .35 Rem. cal.

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Model 14 or 14A : A .25, .30, or .35 Remington caliber slide-action rifle with a 22" round barrel and open sights. Blued, plain walnut stock. Manufactured from 1912 to 1936. Fair cond. - $150. Good cond. - $225

Model 14R - As above, with an 18.5" Barrel. Fair - $250. Good - $300

Paintball what is the most relable gun on the market?

about 150$ and 225

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