Anyone know anything about a Western Auto brand .22 rifle.?

It was made about 50 years ago. It's a stock loader in great condition made by Western Auto. Any idea of value. I seen it in a gun shop today for $350.00. Any help would be appreciated.


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Western Auto, like Sears, J.C. Penney's, Monkey Ward, etc. Did not manufacture their own firearms, but, instead, bought them under contract and their own brand names from one or another of the big name firearm companies, usually Remington, Winchester, Marlin, High Standard, etc. This was common business practice years ago back in "Ye Olden Days" before the enactment of so many of the ridiculously restrictive "gun control" legislation, rules and regulations we law abiding citizens are forced to contend with now-a-days.
Believe it or not, before 1968, when 'bleeding-heart' Bobby Kennedy was shot and Congress passed the draconian Gun Control act of '68 in panicked reaction, you could buy firearms through the MAIL, with no more paperwork than buying a new set of tools!
As to your .22 rifle, to ascertain its' true value, one would need to identify the manufacturer and the correct model, from which a reference from the Blue Book of Firearms Values will give a more correct market value of said rifle, but, I can tell you up front, NONE of these factory seconds, even in "new, unfired in box" condition is worth anywhere near $350.00.

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Western Auto didn't make firearms. What they did was contract with the big manufacturers of the day for their weapons and sold them under the Western Auto brand. Lots of stores did and still do.

Without knowing for sure what model you found, I can't give any really accurate info on it. Chances are it was either one of the Marlins or a Mossberg line. Both were sold under the Revelation name by Western Auto. Great guns all, but not in the $350 range unless you found one brand spanking new with a few twenty dollar bills in the box as packing material. Right off the top of my head, I can't really think of any rare ones.

Without some REALLY good reason, I wouldn't suggest going more than $80-100 on a Western Auto .22.

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Check the cross reference guide at the link below. Once you find the name brand model you can edit your question or ask a new question with that info and it will be easier to give you a better idea on the value.
I agree with the first answer, no Western Auto labeled gun should have a $350.00 price tag on it. The store brand guns normally bring 10%-20% less than the name brand gun.
Savage, Stevens, Mossberg, Marlin, Springfield, and High Standard all made guns relabeled as Western Auto models.

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there a piece of junk. owned one when I was a kid

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