What is the most deadly gun that has little to no recoil? A little of both.?


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Deadly? I would say that more assasinations have been done with a .22 LR than anything else.

Looking at self-defense and the ability to stop an aggressive thug, I would look at the .38 special and 9mm as an ideal balance between power and recoil for most folks. For folks that are a wee bit bigger the .45 ACP, .45 colt would be two that I personally like.

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Any gun can be deadly. It's called shot placement. If you're looking for one that is more effective than you'll need a high energy, big caliber gun. It would have to be a heavy gun to not have much felt recoil.

It sounds like you want more gun than you can handle. Stick to airsoft and let the responsible adults deal with actual firearms.


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terrorist/criminal... what? Who said that?!

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if you know how to shoot a handgun, it could be any kind. Even a pellet gun can be deadly.

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I'd recomend a medium frame .38 special revolver (such as a Smith and Wesson model 10), with a 3 or 4 inch barrel. Use .38 special "double ended wadcutter" type bullets. They have mild recoil but reasonable stopping power, particularly since follow-up shots are quick with this low-recoiling round/gun combination.

A steel medium to large frame 9mm wouldn't be too hard to control, and also has reasonable stopping power, but will have a sharper felt-recoil than the .38.

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Well, .22 long rifle caliber semi auto pistol, like the Ruger, have been used by assassins for a long time.

Sticking to the common calibers, I'd say the 9mm would be the most lethal round with the least recoil.

The round, when fired out of a full size gun like the Beretta 92 or the Taurus 24/7, is almost like firing a .22

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Every gun is as deadly as the next, it's just a matter of how good of a shot you are. The FN Five-seveN is chambered for the 5.7x28mm round and has virtually no recoil.

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For accuracy the 9mm cant be beat but .380 cal. is a good gun too .40cal. are the best all around for accuracy and nock down power but they have a good kick. these are just my opinions.

Oh I forgot about the old faithful .38cal. revolver

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It depends on what use you plan to give it. For self defense, I'd suggest a .380, especially the Glock of that caliber which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Length of the barrel is also depending on what you plan to do with it. A self-defense weapon should have a short barrel with no sights, so you'd be able to pull it out quickly, and since it's self defense, if you ever shoot it you'll most likely do it right in somebody's face... So you don't need precision.
My choice for personal defense is a Smith & Wesson .357 titanium, but this revolver is particularly light, which makes it have an even greater kick that most .357's... So it won't fit your bill. Hope this helped you!

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FN FiveseveN, 5.7x28

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What's the fun in shooting a handgun if there is no recoil?

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.22 caliber handgun close range... end of story! The weapon itself has little to zero recoil. At close range the bullet enters the body and proceeds to ricochet off of bones, basically turning someones insides to shredded beef. Death is almost certain, and is usually really really nasty and painful. Ergo why a .22 caliber is the assasins weapon of choice.

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The trade off for big and deadly is heavy recoil.
Anything that launches a Projectile at high velocity and the weapon weight is little to nothing has recoil.
The better shot you are the smaller you can go and still survive a deadly encounter.
But if you use big to make up for poor accuracy that will not save you, but only endanger innocent bystanders.
I would say stay away from 22 pistols, it is deadly and has been the weapon of choice for many covert operations and the weapon of choice for many assassins, but they are good shots and have studied the anatomy of their quarry.
At the very least 9MM or 38 Special, any bigger you better hold on.
And do not even try a 25 of 32 caliber, to kill any thing with them is a freak accident, the 22 out performs them by miles.
The 38 Special revolver like the Ruger GR100 is very accurate and deadly.
You need to leave the 22 to trained professionals.
Any situation that may involve a gun is going to have the intended victims adrenaline up and pumping and that will make them hard too kill, or they could be pumped up on other drugs that will make putting them down just as hard if not harder.
So you will need as much gun as you can handle, I strongly recommend the 38 Special revolver Ruger GP100 it is easy to shoot well with, where as the high capacity Simi auto pistols you may have more shots but they require a lot of practice to do ½ as well with.
On the revolver what ever brand you buy make sure it is double action and use the single action for accuracy.

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the answer is the .25 auto has mild recoil has good knockdown power.

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I own a Desert Eagle .50 its about as big and bad as they come,its the biggest semi-auto made.as far as recoil well that just depends on you I love mine but when you shoot this hand cannon you and everyone for miles will sure as hell know it..

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Here's a great read that should help you decide.


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The FN57 fires an armor piercing round with little recoil and 20 rd capacity.

Also the 9mm with a hollow point is the best combination of recoil versus tissue trauma

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