Can anyone tell me how much a pawn shop should give me for a newish mosberg 20 gauge shot gun?


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If you must sell your shotgun, don't deal with pawnbrokers, as they are all licensed THIEVES and LIARS, and will rip you off and give you hardly anything close to what your gun is worth.
Don't expect a lot, though, even if you sell it in the paper,or to a reputable gun dealer, which would be your best bet,instead of a stinkin' pawn-thief!
As 20's aren't nearly as popular as 12ga.'s, and a used Remington 870 12 can be had for less than $200, you can tell about what you can get from yours.
Best bet, run a search on:

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They should give you 60% minimum of what the gun cost originally..

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I bought a new Mossberg 500 20 gauge pump at Wal-Mart last month for $204.

You would be better to put an ad in the paper or online and sell it yourself. In most states, you can transfer long guns to another person without having a FFL. Check your state laws.

I would recommend getting a notarized bill of sale, which includes the price the person is a paying along with the gun's serial number.

Pawn shops are a rip off. If you can't sell it yourself, ask a local dealer about selling it for you and taking a cut of the sale.

I'd think you could sell it for $150 or so.

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I've never met a pawnbroker that gave more than 10-15% of retail value on guns. You'll probably get $20-50. You'll do better private sale. Ask for $175 and you'll get $150.
Good Luck.

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Mosberg is a pretty cheap gun to begin with, if it's in great shape you might get $100.00 for it, but more likely $75.00

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pawn brokers are F*ing pirats 50 bucks would be lucky try a gun dealer get 60% of curent value

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why pawn it sell it out right ,they only give 50 cents on the dollar

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Take it to the pawn shop and ask then add 50 dollars to the price they tell you and sell it yourself.

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Don't wait to be cheated. Destroy the Mossberg yourself.
Use largest hammer handy to bend and break most parts.
Then recycle metal junk.

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