Do they make a .17 cal. autoloading handgun?


Can i use sluggs in a mossberg 835 with a modified choke in it?

Yes, there are a couple made now. Links below.

Would you go hunting with "Buckshot Cheney" ?


Does anyone know of a good website to find 4 wheeling trails in Red River New Mexico?

I've seen a revolver, but never and autoloader

What is a .. like?

No, not yet; give them time. I betting Ruger will come out with one first.

What should I pack for 5th grade camp and I need some tips i have never been camping!? company has been able to make one work yet. If you do happen to come across one do not waste your money, the .17 wasn't designed for semi auto use.

How to determine rifle right for me?

No, but FN makes a 5.7mm that is a .23 caliber auto loader.


Northeastern Florida Hunting Oportunities?

Excel Arms

Whats better, a SOG Pup Elite Knife or a Gerber LMF II?

Yes, Volquartsen makes a custom pistol based off the ruger 10-22 action.

There has just been a big wildfire here. How will this affect the deer hunting?

Yes, the HK UCP, a double action and fires the 4.6 x 30 mm cartridge. Unfortunately if you are not in the German Special Forces you'll have a hard time getting hold of one.

Try the FN Five-seveN. Fires the 5.7 x 28 mm round giving it better ballistic performance than a .17

As far as a .17 HMR auto pistol I could swear I heard of one once but I've never seen anything about it.
Edit; Yep that's it, the "Cheetah." Still would rather have the Five-seveN, more reliable, more ammo capacity, and availability to use rounds that actually weigh more than 20 grains or so.

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