Stevens shotgun Model 620A?

Where can I get information on the Stevens model 620A pump shotgun? Owners manual or other information such as date of production.


Hunters/ppl who shoot guns, which 22. rifle mag do u think is better?

- this model was designed by John M. Browning, slight humpback in receiver.

- an improved version of the Model 520 with streamlined receiver.
Grading ..100% .98% .95% .90% .80% .70% .60%
......$275 ..$240 .$215 ...$180 ...$160 ...$135 .$100

This utility grade shotgun was produced from 1927 to 1953. This was an improved version of the model 520 pump which was a John Browning design.

Has anyone tried firing a weapon while listening to music. I'm thinking of trying it to use it for my science

There are several websites that might give you some or all of the information which you seek. Initially I'd try Google, and see what that leads to. You might also try Guns & Ammo, and see if you can get an answer from their resident Guru.

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