What is the name of the handgun the Navy Seals in V-Nam referred to as the Hush Puppy?

The Navy Seals favored the S&W 39 & the Ruger 22 Target pistols and used silencers on all rifles as well handguns but did not describe the handgun referred to as the Hush Puppy.


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The "Hush Puppy" was a S&W Model 39 modified with the addition of a silencer and a slide lock.The action had to be worked manually for follow up shots but since the slide doesn't cycle when shooting it makes for a very quiet shot.It was NOT a machine pistol.SEAL's didn't use silencers on everything,most pictures and written accounts from that era show that silencers were mission specific items and not in general use by them.
Edited to add that the S&W Model 76 is a submachine gun based on the Swedish Carl Gustav sub gun.It was often silenced and was in the Seal's battery but was not reffered to as the "Hush Puppy"

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Mark 22 Model 0 9mm
Only a few hundred were made though

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The gun you referred to might have been the Smith & Wesson Model 76, 9mm machine pistol. It was produced from June of 1968-July of 1974. It had a production run of about 6000 before being discontinued by S&W. They were serial numbered with the "T" prefix, and toward the end of production used the "U" prefix. This gun had been used in law enforcement, and by the military. It has a cyclic rate of approximately 720 rounds per minute. By the way, the term hush puppy , I believe was the nickname "hush puppy" was given to the brand of silencers the gun used, not to the gun itself.

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