What makes an effective squirrel call and i need some squirrel hunting tips...can anyone help me out?

i am using a break barrel 1000 fps with a scope i have the scope sighted in well i just need tips on how to squirrel hunt...how to attract them and also what makes a good squirrel call, any ideas?


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Okay this is twice but I can see you are determine so check out this blog http://www.network54.com/forum/181748/...
We discuss hunting with air and spring piston guns good luck. I hope you kill a big grey and I get 20 points

Im going to go fishing at north beach (great yarmouth) what is the best bait to use?

just don't kill the poor critters. but.. if you wanna... maybe lay down some fruits and stuff... but... that's cruel...

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Squirrels don't taste good.

Trust me.


My brother in law recommends a pillowcase.

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I had a hunter tell me this one for squirrels. He would spend some time feeding them small bits of bread or such from the tip of a sharp knife. After they adjusted to his precence and would come up to eat the food, he'd poke the knife forward and stab 'em. Maybe it only worked once and the other squirrels wouldn't come near, but squirrels are stupid like that sometimes...

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Hunting for squirrels? What, there are no kittens around to get your jollies off by killing?

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I would tell you to find an area where squirrels are, and sit down and be quiet. One thing about squirrels, you won't see them walking through the woods. If you can't sit, walk very slow, and pause often. Look for nut trees. I have often shot three or more out of a single tree. Don't give away your position too quickly after shooting one, often another will be close by, and once he sees you, he will be gone before you can get a shot off.

Take two stones, grind and strike them together to imitate a squirrel cutting and cracking nuts. A squirrel will think you are another and begin barking, giving away his location.

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spend time before season and Sundays looking for hickory and oak trees,hickory's are yellow leafed by season start time,that makes them easy to find while driving back country roads.check to see if their cutting the nuts.get in the woods early,before daylight if possable.pick a spot where you can see a couple or more trees.if you kill one,leave it lay,don't get up to retrieve it.more will come along and you do not want to give away your position.after a couple hours,or things are slow pick up your kills.move slowly 10-20 feet at a time,look,listen,move .trick is do not get in a hurry.if you have to move where heavy leaves cover the ground,do not take steps,shuffle your feet as you move.it sounds like chipmunks playing rather then a human.(works when deer hunting also)pick your shots and range.afternoons walk around scouting new trees.fox squirrels are moving at this time also.hunt till dark.Grey's are early morning late evening feeders.fox squirrels from 8am till dark. have fun,happy hunting.
nothing better then biscuits and squirrel gravy."Calls"? tapping a quarter on wood stock 2-4 times,repeating every 20 seconds for a minute, works,also making a loose fist,make a sucking kiss sound on web between thumb and finger,practise moving hand slightly.

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Brother if u wanna hunt squirrel u shuld use a silent gun and from a far range ok then when u shot dont go near him for sometime if u wait therre still do not make noise create a pin drop silence then u see that many squirels come at that place for the dead squirrel then u may have many squirrels ...But remmeber when u shoot a single one do not rush near it bcz then u may lose many more!!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of *Bushytails*... Thiis is the perfect sport for you to get into the hunting action. I have hunted Bushytails now for 30 years. Jack is the only one who even comes close to making any sense in their answers... You do not need a call, most often that just makes a live squirell *bark* (making the chatter noise) I have found I get the same amount of game with or with out...There is no need for stealth (however you may see more game that way) walk into the woods, sit down, (not for more than 10 minutes) if a bushytail hasn't made his presence known in 10 mins, Go find somewhere else, 50 yards away. repeat process.. After you shoot... Get to the dropped squirell AS FAST AS SAFELY POSSIBLE.. They can be hard to kill, (esp with air rifle) Take nothing other than HEADSHOTS ( this will give you the best chance at taking a Bushytail with airgun)

Now comes the important part. Field dressing; When you retrieve your bushytail (sometimes this requires LOTS of looking) make SURE it is dead before you touch it.poke it in the eye with a stick. (if it doesn't flinch then pick it up. turn it over in your hand so that you are looking at its back. (like you would hold a pet) in the middle of their back start plucking hair out (until it is about the size of a nickle) then take a sharp knife and make a small hole in NOTHING but the skin( you will have to pinch the skin in your fingers and cut below/above them.) cut from side to side just enough to get two finger tips in there, then peel the skin off. Pull one bit to the head and one to the butt. You may need to cut a little strip under the belly. Just work the skin off legs tail head. When you come to the ends (legs tail head )

Legs at the first knuckle from the paws break the joint then cut off paw at break

Tail just get the nub of the tail showing and cut it off (with the skin insideout over the tail)

Head same as tail just cut it off..

After that is done make a slit in the belly from butt to sternum ( butt hole to bottom of ribcage. pull out intestines ( you will have to break the hip bone and cut through the middle so it is completely open ..

Put in plastic bag in your pouchthen if you want turn the tail section rightside out again and cut off and keep tail...

By the time you get done dressing your first bushytail you will probably be able to shoot 1-2 more.. Once you get proficient at the dressing of the game ( it will take less than 5 mins) I say field dress because when I was a young hunter with my dad in tow I didn't field dress, Well one day after I got my limit of them I gao home to clean them. AND one was still alive. It clamped onto my finger and the only way it let go was to cut off it's head and it was PAINFULL

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