What lure weight do i use for 12 pound test line?


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Usually for every 10 pound test line you can use 1 oz of weight. So for 20 pound you can use 2 oz. For 30# test line you can use 3 oz. weight. This is only a rough guide. People can do smaller or larger weight of the lure/sinker. But other factors also include the line, the rod, the reel, the aerodynamic shape of the lure, your casting ability, how you cast it, and how far you will cast it.

For example, with a 12 pound Yozuri hybrid mono test line on my 7 foot Lamiglas MH, moderate taper, baitcasting rod with an Abu Garcia 5600 C4 Mag reel, I can cast anywhere from a 3/8oz rapala to a 1oz kastmaster. I personally don't feel comfortable throwing a 2oz weight nor a 1/4oz lure on this setup but it can be done.

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that all depends what kind of fish u are fishing for. Panfishes usually are 1/32-1/64 ounce. bass are around 1/32-1 ounce jigs. weights all depend on what kind of fishing and what fish. trolling involves maybe just 1 ounce. weights really can be anything, just dont use to much of what is already only needed

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3/8 oz

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Depends where you're fishing and what you're fishing for. In saltwater I've used anywhere from 1/2 ounce up to 2+ ounces on 12 lb line.

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Lure weight is really more dependent on the type of rod and reel you use. But I,m guessing that for 12 lb. line you would not want to go much lighter than 1/4 ounce.

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Any small to med. fresh water lure

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Pretty much anything.

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