What's the difference between a .22 long rifle and a .22 short rifle?


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All of the answers listed here are correct but in choosing your ammunition you should also consider the type of weapon you are using. Alot of .22 caliber ammunition is not appropriate for certain types of guns. If you try to shoot shorts in an automatic your weapon may not cycle because the short does not produce the pressure required to breach the bolt. You also should be careful shooting certain CCI ammo because alot of older guns do not need such a hot load and can be damaged by the pressure these rounds produce. If your gun accepts .22 long rife ammo I would suggest using Remington High Velocity rounds. They are plenty powerful and function in any .22LR without any concerns.

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bout 400 muzzle foot lbs. its about half as strong and shorter than the long.

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There is no such thing as a .22 short rifle.

The common varieties are short, long, and long rifle. The difference is the length of the brass casing.

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the long and short refer to the length of the cartridge.

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Muzzle velocity and accuracy in the long rifle. Longer bore accelerates the bullet more and is spinning more when it leaves the bore.

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the bullet

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The .22 short and .22 long refers to the bullet length. The long has more gun powder, thus it's a bit more powerful than the .22 short.

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Some guns will accept .22 short, long, or long rifle ammunition. If you have one of these guns your choice of ammo will depend on how far away your target is. Also, any of these may be the most acurate for your gun, you will have to try each to see what works best for you.

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If I was going to plink I would use the shorts, I Iwas going to hunt I would use the long rifles.

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"Long Rifle," and "Short" (not 'short rifle') define a type of cartridge. The .22 caliber is available in .22 Long Rifle, .22 Long, and .22 Short. All three can be shot out of a rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge. I've only seen pistols chambered for the .22 Short only; one of the tiny Beretta pocket pistols and some revolvers. I've never seen a rifle chambered only for the .22 Short.

The difference is in the cartridge description. The 'Long Rifle' round is the longest of the three (not to be confused with the .22 Magnum, NOT interchangeable with the other .22s). The 'Long' is longer than the 'Short,' but shorter than the 'Long Rifle.' The 'Short' is the shortest of the .22 caliber line-up AND the least 'powerful.' All will kill.

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What is the range of a .22 CB Cap?

.22 short chambers a shorter body shell with less powder.

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the bullet is the same the long has more powder in it

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