I have a Ruger P-90 DC, .45 acp, I am wondering if this gun can shoot +p ammunition,?


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In fact, the story goes that a reviewer writing for Guns & Ammo magazine was speaking to a Ruger representative who was promoting the (then) new P-90. The gunwriter asked if it could handle +P ammunition. The rep laughed, and replied that the tester was free to shoot any commercially manufactured ammunition, including +P+--the gun could take it.

I believe the story. The Ruger P-series pistols are over-engineered bricks. And from a durability standpoint, that's a good thing.

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Yes I think so

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Of course it can. That's the great thing about Rugers. They are always built stronger than any other guns. Try some Cor-Bon ammo. It's like +P+. Super powerful and accurate. If it breaks, send it back to Ruger. They will fix any Ruger for free and quickly. It should never break, though.

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I wouldn't, they feel a little weak to me. I guess you could send it in for repair provided your still alive....

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I would contact Ruger with this question. Listening to people that tell you it's okay, simply because "their cousin does it" might just get you a Dawin award for removing yourself from the gene pool. +p ammo creates a LOT more chaber pressure, and could actually blow the slide off of a gun that's not designed for it. The recoil springs are generally color coded or marked for +p guns.

You can contact them at:

Product Service - Prescott, AZ — Service inquires for Pistols and Police Carbines
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
Product Service Department
200 Ruger Road
Prescott, AZ 86301

Telephone: 928-778-6555 / Fax: 928-778-6633
(Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm MST)

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as long as it says 45ACP it will

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Yes, it can and will safely.

+P ammunition is GENERALLY only a concern with older firearms, or very cheaply manufactured firearms, where the chamber or barrel is not built strong enough to withstand the additional pressure. The P90, first introduced in 1991, does not suffer either of these setbacks.

Further, the P90 was actually designed specifically in response to concerns about 10mm rounds damaging host pistols, and was designed to handle modern, high pressue ammunition.

Of course, like someone said, you always need to take the advice of strangers on the internet with a grain of salt. So you could always contact Ruger's customer service with this question.

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Yes, absolutely, the P-90 is a modern metalurgically safe fire-arm.

It is also "over-built" as most handguns go.

I would have no fear what-so-ever firing +P ammo in an otherwise safe, functional P-90

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