Do you need a boat license for a canoe in the US? Does that travel from state to state?


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If you have a canoe that has no motor then no you DO NOT need to license it, at least that's how it is in Pa. The minute you put an electric motor on the canoe you need a license. The laws vary from state to state as for licensing motorized and non motorized vessels. You would be safe to take a safety course as Hair of the Dog said, but for licensing canoes check with the states your are planning to visit. Certain lakes require usage permits be attached to any vessel that is on them?? Good Luck!

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Yes it is just like a drivers license but for boats.

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No. No motor - no license.

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No...I pretty sure it's just motorized boats, so a canoe or row boat you should have no problem.

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I do believe that if you have the boat in the water for so many hours a year you do have to get a license. From what I gather, the license is more of a safety course, which you should have to begin with. In addition, the fact that it’s a canoe doesn’t mater, I would check with your local boat dealers they would be able to guild you into getting the information and requirement you need. It best to be safe then sorry, and when I mean safe I mean your live two boaters die every day because of boating accidents.

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a canoe? no license.
No motor, no license - state to state.
Just don't be bringing in any foreign fruit...

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