Any gurls or women on here use skoal, dip, snuff or chewing tobacca?


Catch ing fish?

High, Im Larry tha cable guy and ifn you anser yes two this, I wood like to meet u.

4 bad devilfish met 8 good monkfish while out sharking they all met 11 huge tuna fish how many fish are there?

that is friggin disgusting. THE absolute most digusting habit of them all. ( besides necrophilia or some crap)

I have a query?


What would be a good present for a hunter other than a weapon?

i dont i think the stuff is gross if someone wants to use tobacco they should just smoke but i dont use any form of tobacco

How to make guns n pistols?

lemme guess. You live in Arkansas?

I am curious about a fresh water fish called a "grinnel" Are they o.k. to eat?..more info? i cant even stand it when guys use it :( sorry

How do you re-tie a peep sight on a compound bow?

Guys using it is disgusting enough but I would definitely want to puke if I saw a girl doing it.

I have a spyder trl do I need to oil my gun? and how often?

My grandma chews skoal...

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