How can I stop getting static shocks on my trampoline?

Can anyone help me out? I go on my trampoline and do quite a lot of exercise on it, but when I go to get off I get a static shock from my finger when I touch the springs, and I can see a electric line pass from my finger to the spring. Does anyone know how I can stop this from happening? Thanks


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Trampoline surfaces are made with nylon and nylon is a conductor. You can try wearing shoes though I don't recommend it. We used to say that the shock is just the trampoline's funny little payback after being bounced on forever hahaha...

You can't really stop the shock altogether. Bare feet help. Wear cotton clothing and not nylon or polyester. These things can reduce the shock but not eliminate it. My favorite way to get rid of the shock is simply to touch someone else before I get off the trampoline and share it hehehehe...

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Would spraying your feet with Static Guard help.

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Maybe try grounding the trampoline. You can buy a ground wire and ground rod at a hardware store.

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really there is not much you can do but you could ground some spings get some copper wire and burry it in the the gound and attatch it to a couple of spings on 3-4 sides that might help

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The best thing you could do is get some kind of cover to go around the outside of your trampoline, that touches the springs. I have a cover on mine and I only will get shocked if I literally life up the cover and touch it. Covers also prevent you from falling through between the springs, which is probably a good thing. Covers aren't that expensive either, and they come in sizes for little to huge trampolines. (They also prevent finger pinch)

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