How do you lawfully get rid of a hunting rifle?

My spouse passed in 2000. He had hunting rifles and still left one in the basement.


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You can legally sell them. There are no real laws about rifles or shotguns. Main laws regarding sells are handguns. you can walk into any store and buy a deer rifle or a shotgun in just a few mins. You can post them in classifieds, or take them to a sporting goods store(some ma and pa shop) or a pawn shop.

You should have no problem with selling them, just make sure you don't let them go too cheap.

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You can take it to a pawn shop, or a gun dealer. If all else fails, contact the police department non-emergency number and ask them if they can direct you to someone.

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Sell them at an auction, and have the firing mechanism removed.

Re: Whats with the thumbs down? You can get so much money at the auction rooms!

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Give it to me

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Give it to someone, put an ad in the newspaper and sell it or pawn it.

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No one in his family would like to have them? If not, you could turn them in at your local law enforcement,tell them your situation.
Sorry for your loss

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Call the police and I am 100% sure that they would be happy to remove it from your home...and you probably don't even have to touch it.

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Sorry about your loss. Ring the police and ask them if they will dispose of them for you. Happy Christmas

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Auction on ebay.or go down to a guns salesman. They will try to spin you on the price, so get some help you trust. You can research by make and serial number. Online or library

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I suggest to protect yourself and surrend it to the law authorities..also you can either receive a tax break or either receive cash for your weapon. Additioanly, I would not sell it unless you do it completely legitamiately with a lisence indicating that the gun is longer in your possession and not your responsiblity. For example, wouldn't you hate if some weirdo took your gun and shot someone and then the cops come to question why the gun registered in your name had killed someone?

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Just take the guns to a local gun shop. They will be able to help you sell them. If you are worried about getting the full value out of them, look up the values in the Blue Book for guns. You can also shop them around to different gun shops in the area and see which will give you the most for your guns.

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i'll take it if you dont want it, or u can sell it. take it to a gun shop, they should buy it, or choose me as your favorite answer and i'll give you my adress and u can mail it to me

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In most police stations, they'll take them, no questions asked. But, you may want to go to a local gun show (watch the paper) or a local gunsmith and see if you can get some $$ for it.

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To completely get rid of it
Melt it, a regular fire won't be enough, take it to a metal shop.

To make a few bucks in the process.
Pawn shop (make sure they have all the paperwork ready for you, or you could get in trouble)

Also you could disable its ability to fire by destroying the firing mechanism and then keep it as a souvenir.

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Just Sell them, or pawn them.

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You may dispose of this firearm by simply turning it in to any law enforcment or police dept. ,ask for a receipt.
You may also bring to a lisenced gun dealer and sell to same, ask for receipt.

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Give it to his hunting buddies. They'll love it!

A gun is just like any other possession. You can sell it or give it away. If you don't know the person, I would write up a bill of sale:

I, Jane Doe, sell a Make, model, serial number rifle to John X for $X on date.

Both of you sign

To be safe, maybe you might want to call a local gun shop & ask them about the laws in your state.


Find a collector or dealer willing to take them on consignment. Some may be worth a lot of money, get a 3rd party appraisal.

You can auction them and the auctioneer can handle the appropriate paper work.. This maybe the best option.

This requires Form 4473 by the appropriate dealer. between 20 parties in most state paperwork is rarely given although required by law.

I've buy guns through an FFL dealer. I buy over the internet, and have it shipped to them then I complete the appropriate paper work.

A dealer / auctioneer will take on the middleman mantle and handle the appropriate paper work and the charge is made up in commission or a transfer fee.

My dealer charges about $20 / per weapon.

PS don't turn into the cops, you won't get money from them for the value of the firearm. At very least get the value of the firearm so you can pocket the money and use it as you see fit. Someone may find a weapon or two in your hubbie's collection that is exactly what they've been looking for, especially if he's been collecting for some time..

EBAY does not allow gun sales on their website, however "" does..

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turn it into the police...make sure you get a receipt

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Learn how to use it so you can protect yourself against intruders.

Otherwise sell it or turn it into the police.

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Sell it.

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I'm not 100% sure but I thought all guns had to be registered, so you may not want to sell it on your own... I think contacting to police department or a legit gun shop would be the best way to handle it...
Good luck

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You can legally keep that rifle as your husband's heir, or you can allow the heir to be one of his children. I don't think that you can legally sell a rifle without a firearms license (check the rules in your country), but usually a "U.S. Citizen" can legally give a rifle to someone who would be eligible to buy a rifle at a gun store. Just don't take any money for it, and it's legal in the USA to transfer gun ownership by giving... I think. Check first though.

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Sorry for your loss.
When my father passed I took his guns to a pawn shop and sold them.This got them out of my house and away from my children and gave the oppertunity for someone else to get them.

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You do not say where you live, so PLEASE ignore all replies regarding the legality of this or that...there are many uninformed people answering here who just do not know what they are talking about.

Turning the rifle in to the police is just dumb. There is no legal or rational need to do that at all, unless of course you live outside the USa in which case you need to check your laws.

If no one in his family or one of his buddies wants it as a keepsake (you can give that rifle to someone who can legally own one in any state in the US) then call a local gun shop. They will either buy it from you or sell it for you on consignment.

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Sell it to a gun dealer or a pawn shop, they are required by law to record the whole process. It 100% legal and then the gun is documented with the federal goverment.
I would get a couple of bids though, to make sure you get a fair price.

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Keep the rifle im sure it meant a lot to your husband and keep it in your closet to shoot burglars with.

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get the model and serial number off the gun and find out about what it is worth and sell it and use the money for something you want

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