How Can I get deer to come to me in hunting season?

I have had no luck its the 2 day of hunting season and still nothing dose anyone have a good idea


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Hang out by the road. I got hit by a doe a month ago. I saw her, slowed down and as soon as I got next to her...WHAM! She dented my drivers side door, broke my sideview mirror and dented the left front panel. I'm just glad I didn't hit her head on. I was on a 2 lane road, nowhere to go. No where to stop for another 5 miles.
Get one for me.

And for those who think it is cruel to hunt? The hunters help to control the deer population. I would rather the deer get shot, die quickly than be hit by a car and lay by the side of the road injured and in pain. Or God forbid, someone get killed in an accident after hitting a deer.
Hunters also donate the meat they won't use to homeless shelters.

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Buy the deer pee or odor. It helps bring them to you. My uncle hunts and he always use that stuff.

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Offer to buy it a drink.

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Deers like all beings understand love better than fear.
Love them, don't kill them and they will come to you/

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deer calls. lol

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put out a bushel of corn or apples

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Hunt by a cornfield, put out a salt block...if that is legal in your state, use some doe scent, or use a buck snort. there are tons of ways to do it!

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place a fake deer next to u, but i preffer not to kill them

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if your going to hunt you got to be patient, maybe set some bait, go to where animals usually drink or something... dont kill the females or babies!

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hunting deers is utterly and downlright cruel. you have a lot of excess time i see.. i don't see anything useful with this sprot. i mean you dont HAVE TO hunt deers. you're not lost in an endagered area with no food at all . are you? you wouldnt be using a computer if you were.

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Salt licks and Deer pee also try a mating call.

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You dont. Thats why hunters climb trees and sit in waiting for hours on end, eventually shooting other hunters hiding on ground doing the same.

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mating call?

Do you chip your Beagles??

Try a salt lick block, also apples work, get deer attraction scent from your local wallmart and deer calls sometimes work. One important thing im sure you know it to be quiet in the woods, try not to walk too much breaking sticks and stuff. One thing my father in law and his son swear by is if a deer is close to whistle at it, they say most of the time the deer will stop and look at you, this gives you the time to take a shot at it. Good luck and have fun hunting!

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SAY----- here-deer----deer---come deer---come boy---got something for ya.

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Yell "Here Deer, Here Deer....", and they should come to you.
To Diana: If people don't hunt deer, they will become overpopulated, and cause lots of problems. Go Hug a tree.

Does anyone know about the big buck shot on the Todd farm in Michigan in 2007?

First off, dont be so desperate. Deer can smell desperation and they hate it. Let the deer come to you. Try setting the mood, dim the lights, and play some Barry White. Set out a plate of carrots and clover sprouts. Try and make the deer feel more comfortable. If that doesn't work, hold its young hostage, and demand the release of captured hunters. FREE THE HUNTERS!

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find where the deer do there traveling to and from there food and bedding area and hunt there...there's no magic that will make them come to you..hunt where they are or where there going to be...control your scent find well used trails where trails come together look for funnels were like a field and woods meet in the corner's of the field

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