I want to buy a .40 cal handgun for home defense. What is the most reliable manufacture to go with?


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Smith and Wesson, it's what the cops use. Also it's just a damn good gun!

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Can't help ya. I can recommend a good alarm system though.

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I'd get a Glock, good gun

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try glock i use my all the time with no stopages

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Have to go with Smith and Wesson. Personally I prefer the .45 auto (preferably Colt).

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Springfield or Glock

If you wanted a .45 any incarnation of the 1911

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Depends on what you can handle. My personal favorite is a sawed off shotgun. Remember if you are at home when the invasion happens, odds are you are going to be waking up from a dead sleep.

I do have a 9mm right by my bed as well as having a 357 380, 38, 44 mag and a 454 in my dresser. My closet has my shotgun, ak47 copycat, 3030 and 44 mag rifle.

My gunsafe with all my other weapons are in another location in the home ;)

To answer your question S&W is hard to beat.

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The most reliable manufacturer for a .40S&W pistol? That would be Glock.


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Top three choices in no particular order would be HK, Glock and CZ. Springfield and SW are also great handguns.

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Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield.
Heckler & Koch are fine firearms but expensive.

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Buy what ever you can afford and what you can handle .Or you can buy from a manufacturer that is making arms in your own country,if that happens to be the best deal you can afford than you are supporting your country and getting a good deal.Sorry for the patriotism,just sick of seeing "Made In China" ,on almost everything in the stores

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When it comes to reliability there really are only two choices. Glock and Springfield xd. I shoot the sw99 and had two malfunctions in shooting 20,000+ rounds. I still recommend the glock or xd. I think most cops today carry a glock but cops aren't exactly known for being gun savvy.
The amazing thing about the glock and xd is that they are also inexpensive.
really glock introduced a new standard for reliability.

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glock, cz, taurus, sig sauer, or even a kimber makes a 40 s&w cal. all are very reliable

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Glock,SIG,and H&K all make great 40 caliber weapons. If your left handed though you might stay away from the SIG as they are not really set up for lefties.

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I have a P94 Ruger. It's a little large and heavy, but I like it. The cheap, flat-nosed FMJ target ammo jams occaisionally, but I've never had a JHP jam yet.

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The best reason is a gun that you feel comfortable shooting, that is accurate, and that is reliable.

Alot of guns are reliable, and some aren't. Most all of the name brand guns are great, but you might get that occasional lemon off the line, I haven't experienced this, but friends have, the manufacturers are great and usually will take the gun back and repair it etc.

If you want a recommendations on a manufacturer there are lots of opinions out there.

I urge people to try out for a .40 the Browning Hi-power, they are a great gun and cheaper than alot of guns out there new. The 9mm and .40cal versions of which I own have been totally reliable as is the consensus of most people that own them. I haven't had a failure yet. Browning makes the hi-power right in .40 cal that is they beef up parts from the 9mm design. Whereas other designs tend to wear out because the slide wasn't properly beefed up etc. The hi-power has a great grip angle and room for a doublestack 10 round magazine but is more compact than the mainstream guns.
It also is very pointable and people that have problems with the beretta or glocks usually are happy with the hi-powers.

In .45 of course the 1911 rules for some of the very same things, pointability, accuracy, slim (due to singlestack mag) and power. Also the 1911 has some concealable versions whereas the hi-power doesn't have too many due to its already concealed nature and it is harder to do. They are related, Browning designed them both, but died before the hi-power was completed, thus things were changed but for the better.

If you wanted to go with another manufacturer, I would recommend also, sig sauer with their .40cal line of semi-autos. Grip size is bigger and angle is different. You still get an outside hammer in a double action and they are accurate! I love my sig sauer p226 and would be a nice home defense gun. It also has a reputation and with me it has been reliable.

The order would be 1911 .45, and for .40 the hi-power and then sig sauer. I do own the Glock, but find them not as good as people say. The grip angle doesn't fit anyone, they aren't that compact compared to some other pistols, the sights aren't the best and the polymer ones are junk. I have had a failure in a glock .40cal the trigger mainspring, but it wasn't major and was fixed. Also, I am concerned about the lack of safety on the external of the gun. This makes trigger finger control more important and the striker has been shown to produce drop firing, in my limited testing with primer only rounds. Not to say it isn't a good gun, it is, but not nearly as perfect as everyone says, and don't believe all the info you hear on the misfires or unintentional shootings etc. Glocks are good guns.

Don't believe the non-cocked and locked people either, cocked and locked is safe and haven't had a misfire ever. It is just like a safety on a cocked rifle etc. Browning made them really strong and you will have a nice consistent single action pull and it is the fastest. Generally I just prefer the 1911 or hi-power and can control them better and find the hi-power overlooked on the more expensive guns, when you can find the hi-power with some features that are better for less.

The beretta likewise isn't bad either, but is a big pistol and won't agree with everyone. There are things with this gun that I don't like, most are nit-picky, but don't want to spend too much space.
It is a good gun too. All have pros and cons.

Also, if it is a house gun, it doesn't matter the weight or size, as long as you can shoot it well and accurately and control it in close quarters. It is up to you, try different ones out, ranges can help with that via the rental system. It's your choice the ones listed here I have found the most reliable and suited for your role. Of course there is ruger, smith and wesson, cz, and springfield xd. Which people like too. I recommend springfield xd or cz out of those guns if you find the above unsuitable. I actually should put some of the czs closer to the hi-power and the xd above the glock. In my rating type thing. Just my preferences try them out and shoot them alot, practice, your life/family's will depend on it.

P.S. HK are good guns, but really expensive, and bigger than other guns. I would try other cheaper ones first including the springfield XD, but HK makes a nice firearm that is reliable newer but has features similar to a 1911 ie safety position etc.

Practicing and instructing them in safety and having your wife even shoot is good sense. Have fun, make it a sunday/saturday once a month (preferably more) ritual. Tell your kids don't touch it, it is loaded, teach them how to work it, in case your being incapacitated and can't get to it, don't put it in the safe, or pistol safe or have a trigger lock. Make it clear the kids can't touch it unless you are there or someone is in the house trying to hurt them. If they don't discipline them! The kids need access to save you and you will need it fast, burgulars don't announce they are busting in your house at 0300 in morning! There are many stories of kids saving their mom/dad or both with a gun. Childproofing a gun, might be fatal, and will reduce your access, which you will need when awaken in the middle of the night, you aren't as sharp or alert.

Also, keep a shotgun around, the look is just menacing and an attacker won't like that, plus it has less penetration especially with birdshot which will work in the close ranges of the house. But, practice with it and have others in the family practice too, the birdshot won't expand and it will be like shooting a slug or one bullet, so don't aim and expect spray. Buckshot will make a mess and over penetrate, but will do the job exceedingly well if those aren't a factor. Which they probably should be factors in a house with possible victims behind/ hostages. Have fun, practice and stay safe!

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in order of reliability...
1. Beretta(finest guns in the world)
2. Glock(reliable, but look like s**t)
3.springfield xd40(great gun so far.no long term results yet)
4.Khar, h&k,Sig
5.s&w m&p line. All other smith semi autos arent so good.
These are just my opinions, my beretta has never jammed or sisfiered. I hate glocks, but they are reliable.Xd's havent been around long enough for me to trust one with my life, same with the m&p pistols. Taurus has a bad rep, but i would buy a revolver from them.

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All I can say is WOW ! It amazing the opinion that people put into fact.

#1 Handgun Manufacture of the .40 S&W Round is the same as every other caliber handgun made. H&K, or Heckler & Kosh. This has been proven time and time again by every artical given that included the gun. The new P2000 is the choice I would say you wanted mainly because its smaller and easy to hide. The H&K line sets the standard for all other handguns and Combat rifles for that matter.

#2 This is my opinion ! I have shot just about every handgun known in the market, and for all you who think wrong, The law carries what they want as long as its approved ! The #2 would go down as the newest springfield line. The XD series has showed Glock and Sig what a gun should do and shown that it doesnt take 900 dollars to do it.

#3 Sig (no reason needed )

#4 Colt ( same as above )

#5 Glock, many will argue this mainly because they remember when glock was good ! The problem is they has slacked in quality since those days and are now shearching for a new design that will gain them some respect once again.

#6 Smith and Wesson ( Again older guns are excellent, the newer models are boat anchors in my opinion. )

#7 All others whom come up short for any reason. Note Ruger falls into this cat. aswell.

If anyone feels the need to argue this plz feel free to search the quality on the web first. H&K has lead this field since the early 80's and Im sure will remain there for years to come. As far as buying american. The only issue with that is that Colt is the only contender in the market and They are not up there where thay need to be. Quality in firearms is not a buy amercan thing. The germans seem to know what they are doing in this market. Sry if I offend.

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My Husband has a Glock 27 which is the mini 40 cal. and he love's it! It's easy to take down and he's never had any problem's with his. Also if your looking for something small that's easy to carry you might try a Taurus PT25 that's what I carry and it's awesome. I've had it almost 2 year's with no problems. I also use magsafe ammo in it.

But when it comes right down to it you need to try it out. 50 people may like the same kind of gun but it might not be right for you. So if at all possible go to a range where you can rent a couple different guns and give them a try.

Hope that helps!

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Glock perfection. end of story

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Glocks are the most overated pieces of crap. Go with Sig SP2340 or Sig P226 or P229. My friend has Sig SP2340 in a 40 and I have USP 40. They are both sweet pistols. I bought the USP new for 700 and I got two standerds and two hi caps. My friend got a sweet deal on his pistol 300 used. The reason I don't like glocks is they are to plastic and they kick to much for a 40.

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Although not a fan of them, Glock is general accepted as one of the best handguns out there, especially for a beginner. My police department issues both the glock and the Smith and Wesson P-99 in .40 Both are good guns but I prefer the S&W

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Glock then Glock then Glock then Sig the S and W then Ruger

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