Why doesnt dick sporting goods show the guns they sell on the internet like wal mart?

Question:I want to see what type of guns they have mainly 12 guages.
If anyone knows if they have a site advertising there guns tell me. Also anyone know any gun shops in Pennslvania westmoreland county and where there at?


I want to get a good hunting rifle, i want to get a similar rifle as the m16 but using bigger caliber rounds.?

Dicks Sporting Goods (DSG) does not show their firearms on the website for a number of reasons.

#1 Not all firearms that DSG carries are available and in stock in every one of the 300+ locations. Local hunting conditions and financial demographics help influence the corporate office in the firearm selection in the various markets. If a firearm that is normally carried is not in stock, a store to store transfer might be able to be arranged. This process can take up to two weeks due the logistics of their distribution center. If a customer is in an extreme hurry, a firearm can be sent via UPS once the proper authorization is received.

#2 The website is ran by a seperate company, not by DSG. The company that runs the site also runs sites for several other sporting goods companys.

#3 The firearms that you may see listed on Wal Marts website are their special order firearms. These may, but probably may not, be readily available in their brick and mortar locations. Not all Wal Marts stores carry firearms, many have gotten out of the business due to some legal issues.

#4 All DSG stores have a firearm special order program available. Every location charges the same price and has the same firearms available through special order. Once a customer decides what they would like to purchase, a call is made to the distributor to see if the firearm is in stock. If it is, the customer then needs to put at least 50% down. Then a second call is made to the distributor to actually order the firearm.

A "special order" form is then filled out and sent to the corporate office for processing. Expect it to take about 4 weeks for the firearm to arrive at the store location.

At that point, the background check is initiated and, if they are given a "proceed", the firearm is released to the customer after final payment has been made.

#5 The weekly sales flyers for DSG are listed on their website. You are able to select the store closest to you, or any of their locations. These sales flyers do show the firearms that are on sale during that time period.

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