Can you hunt on private land without a license?


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in connecticut where i live you can only hunt on your own land without a hunting license if you live on that property. if you do not live on that property you need to buy a license. also in my state you have to own a minimum of 10 acres to hunt that property with a firearm. but you still need to get the appropite tags for i.e. deer or turkey. in CT i hunt with free land owner deer tags but i need to buy a license because i do not live on the land. each state sets there own rules and before you go out make sure you check with yours hope i helped happy hunting

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yes, i believe you can

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You need hunting license from state. You may need stamps from Feds or state, too. You may need local permit.

You definitely need permission, written is best, from the land owner.

You should take NRA Hunter Safety course.

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You state probably requires you to be licensed no matter whose land you are on.

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Where i live you have to have a license to hunt on Private Land

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You can, but wheter or not it's legal, it's up to your state to decide that. I have a friend who lives in another state, and he hunts on his dad's land, when he's back. He doesn't buy a license, but he used to live on the land. As far as I know, the only time he has ever owned a license was when he was in college, and hunted where he went to school. My brother does the same thing, when he's home, but it costs 75 bucks for an out of state license in Kansas, and he's only here for a few days out of hunting season.

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In Ohio, you can hunt on your OWN land without a license. If it's private land owned by another person you must have a license and WRITTEN permission to hunt there.
Check with your state to be sure of the laws for your area. Most, if not all, states have a website with hunting, fishing, and trapping rules, regulations, and legal definitions.

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I've hunted in about 10 different states. All required a license whether hunting on public or private land.

Just so you won't be surprised. Many of the licenses I purchased were out-of-state licenses and they can get pretty pricey.

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Depending on your state, in Texas you can hunt on your own property without a license. The property must belong to you; not your family, friend or leased property, it MUST BELONG TO YOU.
I highly recommend you contact your State Department of Fish and Game to get the most accurate answer.
Remember "Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the LAW."

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Only if you are hunting from a motor vehicle. You can also poach if you have a pair of purple socks. It is only legal to shoot deer in june if you are using a blow dart gun

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Check with your state regulations. In Indiana I can hunt my own land without a hunting license or tag only because a certain amount is farmable. My cousin can come hunt my land, but needs all tags and licenses. I still need a game bird stamp to hunt game birds.

These laws will vary greatly from state to state. Don't go by what is posted on here or what is legal in a different state.

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