Do I need a hunting license even if I'm hunting on my own private property?

I live in Ohio


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It depends.states all have different laws but generally you need a license.

Here's the webpage, study it thoroughly:

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Well do you live out in the boonies or so you have nearby neighbors that could possible turn you in?

You probably don't need a license, but I would not "take that to the bank." If you have a lot of open spaces and you take a buck with a bow and arrow, who is gonna know? Same for if you are out in the boonies and you fire off one shotgun round. Is that so unusual in the country? NO.

However, you may violate other laws like "discharging a firearm within city limits.'

Best to call the state office and see.

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Well all I know is- What are you shooting? If it's Deer, You may need to check with a local Walmart if you have that store- or a local store that sells licenses'. My fam had to get one to hunt Doe and Bucks. You still may need one if you are hunting and just killing animals- check on Google or keep askin! Good Luck!

But I do think that it's required to have one...

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Yes, the land may be yours, but the wildlife is not. - J

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yep, even if you are on your own property. Just like it is illegal to drive if you don't have a license even if you are on your own property

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i don`t know about Ohio,but in South Carolina you do.that is managed by the federal government so probable yes.

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I would check before I shot. I have literally hundreds of deer elk and antelope that range on my fields. I usually don't see them till after harvest and leave some food out for them.
I always get licensed to hunt my own ground. I wont chance losing that right.

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u need a license unless you own 75 contiguous acres and are hunting small game only on these 75 acres. Most states say you need to be a resident landowner. Non Resident land owners need special licenses as well. COntact your local wildlife dept ALWAYS if in doubt. ignorance will not save you a fine

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Depends on what you are hunting and how isolated your property is.

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check with your local dnr office it depends on what your going to hunt

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Not here in W.V either. Resident and immediate family are legal.

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If you have a lot of property with no one around it probably won't matter. If you have nosey neighbors then you might not want to. It also depends on what you plan to shoot. If you are going to shoot a deer or something a license may be good, if you are after a rat or soemthing no body will care. By the way, it IS legal to drive on your own property even if you aren't 16.

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All I can tell you is Indiana laws. I have a farm and can hunt anything on it without a license. My neighbor only has ten acres and he has to get a license because there isn't enough land there.

Check with your local DNR.

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No. You do not need a license to hunt on your own land in Ohio regardless of whether you have 3 acres or 3,000 acres. You must follow all rules and regulations, bag limits, hours, etc.
If deer or turkey hunting you must make your own temporary tag with your name, address, time, and date and attach it to the deer or turkey and then take it to a check station.
Rules and regulations at the link below.

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It depends on what your hunting,In Missouri you can take Deer with a farm tag without hunting license

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Check with your local Fish and Wildlife department. I know here in Florida you have to have a license on your property but up in Georgia and Virgina you don't have to. Just check to make sure before you go hunting.

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