What gun is generally more powerful? A 9mm pistol or a .380?


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In the modern sense a 9mm has more power. The .380 has also been called a 9mm short compared to the modern 9mm round used today. The .380 has a smaller powder charge and lighter projectile and is found mostly in small frame pistols.

Side note: If you are planning to hunt you need to check your State regulations. You may have to step up to a .44 Mag or .357 atleast to stay legal.

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Are you hunting with those? Strange!This is the hunting section right?!

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The same, a .380 is the same as a "Kurz 9mm".

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A .38 is a wider bullet, and it's usually higher grain, so it will have more stopping-power on average. Tons of factors will influence stopping-power beyond that.

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That depends on the type of amuntion you are using and the specific ballistics of the cartridge and firearm you are discharging them from. Neither gun is optimal for hunting. For defense a .380 will have a better single shot stopping rate than a 9mm, but the older 9mm pistols tended to have larger magazines.

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all around 9mm

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i would say 9mm but that's sill a a little to small i like 45 and 50 cal and i got a 9mm but its a sub machine gun

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To: bronzemouse999
First off ... 1) The bullet diameter of most so-called ".38" ammunition is .357in. The bullet diameter of modern ".380" AND "9mm" ammunition is .355in. That +.002in. of the .38 ammo will make no practical difference in killing power - AKA politically correct - 'stopping power'. 2) The three major factors effecting the ON TARGET POWER are BULLET WEIGHT, BULLET VELOCITY and BULLET DESIGN. The general factory loading of the .380 fires a bullet of 95GR. at velocity around 940fps (feet per second). The general factory loading of the 9mm Parabellum 'Luger' will propel a 124GR. bullet at a velocity around 1100fps. As measured in these terms the 9mm is clearly the more powerful cartridge. Many other factors effect the 'power' of any cartridge including ... 3) Bullet design, FMJ or HP Expanding, etc., along with the physical characteristics of the intended target ... paper or flesh & bone. I'm not sure if you actually intend to hunt with either of these cartridges BUT ... I would NOT hunt anything over 60Lbs. with them and feel assured of a (ethical) one shot kill. This should also inform you as to MY OPINION as to the use of these cartridges in a PRIMARY defense weapon.
I hope this helps.
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Patrick C., just because the round has more power at velocity does NOT make it a more powerful round. It is more powerful at the muzzle, but it will NOT hit harder. The fact that the bullet is traveling that much faster will allow the bullet to travel THRU the target without reaching maximum expansion. The slower the bullet, the more expansion, which equates to more "stopping power". This is why most police have switched away from the 9mm have have gone to the 10mm/.40 SW.

What more proof? Take both weapons out and shoot them. I will admit that the 9 mm is more powerful due the amount of power pushing the bullet, but I disagree that it is the more powerful of the two in "stopping power", and THAT is the real question.

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for most practical purposes there is little difference.
the 9mm is a 9X19, the .380 is a 9X17.


9mm Luger is more powerful than a .380 acp because the case holds more powder, and the bullet is heavier.

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