I want to spend 400 dollars and get the best gun possible? Now whats the best gun in my price rang?

Okay I never gone but want to go hunting, ive shot a few guns in my time but want to buy a really nice one for myself. I have 400 and was thinking of ether buying a 12 guage shotgun or a rifle, can't decide yet. Does anyone know of any kick *** rifles or 12 guage shotguns in my price rang? More powerful the better, you know what I mean. Well thanks, and cant wait to hear from you.


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Remington 870 shotgun will be about $300
Benelli is pretty good
Marlin .30-30

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get a few grenades... now thats hunting

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the gun you need will depend on what you're hunting. if you're hunting burglars, you might consider a remington 870 12 guage shotgun. should be well under your price limit and it's a good gun.

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for sure...u can get a remington 870...it uses both size shells, 2 3/4 + 3" shells, i use one for ears in compition shooting trap,,,plus u can get interchangeable barrells for slug and choaks also :) very nice gun, they are also coated with this powder coat like finish, not blured and easy to rust, and tons of after market options, if u want to turn it into a riot or hunting shot gun

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You didn't say what you were planning on hunting. it makes a difference. But, we'll do this in general terms.

It really doesn't matter what brand you get these days, for either a rifle or a shotgun, the important thing is to find a gun that fits you well, especially the shotguns; a 12-gauge kicks like a mule, even with fairly light loads. I find that the Winchester 1300 fits me well, but you might prefer a Remington 870, or Mossberg 835, or perhaps the Browning BPS; the Benelli Nova is a nice gun as well.

Semi-autos tend to kick less than pumps, but can be a little finicky about what ammo they will reliably shoot. They also tend to be pricier, but Mossberg has a new Model 930 auto now that might be in your price range.

For rifles, it really depends on what you are hunting, but it's hard to go wrong with a .308 or a .30-06; you can hunt most anything with either of them.

And again, the brand really doesn't matter much. The Remington 710 with a good scope should fit your budget, as well as a Winchester Ranger, or a Savage 110. The Ruger 77 series are very nice guns as well, but will cost closer to $600 with a decent scope... just look for something that feels good when you bring it up to your shoulder.

Whatever you end up doing, please remember to hunt & shoot safely & responsibly! (the fun comes naturally... :-] )

Oh, and Aaron_H, don't be stupid... grenades? Those aren't for hunting.

Everybody knows you use grenades for fishing. :-P

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You should be able to purchase a good used deer-caliber rifle (.243 Winchester to .7mm Remington Magnum) for close to that. You can probably buy a 12 guage Remington 870 new pump action shotgun for that with change to spare.

If you purchase a rifle (other than one of the lever-action, .30-30 Winchester or Marlin) you will probably require a scope. That can cost you as much as your rifle. Hunting can get expensive, quick!


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For short range deer hunting - I like the Marlin 336C 30-30(lever action) - On "gunbroker.com" I found one for $289.99 + $20 shipping of course you would have to have it shipped through your local gun dealer..The auction only lasts another 3 hours but they have more I'm sure - Sportsmans Safari 770-359-8059 if you're interested. You might want to compare prices to your local Wal-Mart as they ususally have the lowest prices on firearms...If you do decide to buy from Wal-Mart take someone with you who knows something about firearms to help you pick one out(they will know why!)

Another possibility is the bolt action Weatherby Vanguard, a .270 or 30-06 would be good choices for Deer, Elk or Black Bear etc. The 300WBY is a great round but don't get carried away, while it would be a slightly better choice for the larger game(Elk-Bear), 300WBY factory ammo is very expensive. .270 and 30-06 are much cheaper..Gunbroker had several WBY Vanguard rifles in the $350-$400 range..My local Wal-Mart also carries this rifle..

Please learn and practice hunter safety and etiquette...The NRA is a great source of information..Good Hunting!

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i would get a Saiga-12, think a 12 ga AK . you can convert them to look more like a regular AK if you would want to. i have a total of 6 Saige's between riles and shotguns. there are some of the most reliable, and fastest cycling shotguns on the market, and the least expensive.

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