Does a bullet "rise" when fired /?



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Technically, a bullet begins to drop the moment it leaves a rifle's (or pistol's) barrel. It appears to rise because of the angle of elevation the firearm is at in order to hit a distant target.

Now, there can be a negligible amount of rise with a firearm whose barrel has a right-hand twist firing into a wind coming directly from the right (and vice versa). This is due to the rotation of the bullet caused by the barrel's twist and the bullet's velocity and its interaction with the wind. However, this amount of "lift" is so insignificant, it is practically non-existent.

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Most bullets will rise, some higher than others, depending on the caliber. For instance, a 30-30 rises a fair amount, while a 270 has one of the least-highest rises.

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Think of it this way.if you were to hold a bullet in your hand, and then dropped it, gravity would pull it downward to the ground. When you fire a cartridge from a rifle, and the bullet exits from the muzzle exactly perpendicular to the ground, it immediately begins to drop toward the ground in the same way a hand-held bullet drops, and at the same rate. So, in order to hit a target some distance away, the sights are usually set so that when fired the muzzle of the rifle is tilted upward slightly, and the bullet rises slightly before gravity starts pulling it downward. That way the fired bullet would stay in the air longer, and strike the target, assuming the sights were properly set.

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Because of gravity, the bullet starts to fall as soon as it exits the barrel. The path of the bullet is an arc, of sorts. The sights are generally set so that the bullet path crosses the line of sight, using the sights, two times. That is once in an upward direction and again when as it looses speed and falls to earth. In way you both are right.

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it can rise but its because of windae &elevation, if theres a deicent wind out the round will have a tendencey to rise a little bit calm /no wind no the round wont rise, even with a 30/30 as someone done awnsered you that they will a 30/30 is a fairly week *** weapon anyway, and forget the, still for a sissy when talking rifle, go either a 50 cal or a 45/70, best bet on the market for drifting of the round not to happen,,,,,,,,,

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You are correct,technically.A bullet may rise above the line of sight because the barrel is not parallel with the ground.

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it rises a little and then drops because of gravity

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A bullet does not rise when fired. The round leaves the barrel spinning and in a straight trajectory, after a certain distance the round starts to drop. People think the trajectory has an arc because they aim higher thinking the bullet goes up then down, but it starts straight then drops..thats all.

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gravity starts its effect immediametly once the bullet leaves the barrel.

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It will only rise if you are aiming high, like 1000 yards, at a target. A bullet cannot sustain enough velocity to hit a target at that distance without setting the sights high. In other words, if you aimed a rifle by laser and not the sights, your shot will strike low.

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If the bore is parallel to the ground, then the bullet drops off at 32 feet per second squared (gravity) as soon as it exits the bore. As the bullet slows down quickly, and the bullet also accelerates downward, so it drops at a nearly exponential rate as it leaves the bore.

If you want to hit a small target any distance away, then the barrel must be angled up from the ground. The bullet will rise up then fall as gravity pulls on it, so the result is an arc. At short range, a fast moving bullet will appear to move in a straight line. Watching a bullet moving at long range from directly behind, it is easy to see that it moves in an arc, espcially if a tracer bullet is used.

When shooting into the wind at long range, the bullet will drop a bit less. The bullet tip is positioned up, the wind blows from the front, thus helping it resist the pull of gravity when it drops.


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