Can a .22 pellet gun kill someone?


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Any object, of any size can "kill' someone. Life is amazingly fragile, and it can be lost in the most foolish and seemingly harmless manners. Any projectile of any size, hitting in the right place with the correct velocity can cause death.

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dectily to the skill it did once.

Safety On a Gun?

Yes, you can kill someone with anything.

Can any one tell me ,at which speed bullet comes out of the pistol?

Very much so. I .177 red rider can kill someone if you hit the right spot. No air rifle is a toy and MUST be respected for the firearm it is. Anything less is to invite a stupid disaster.

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I'm sure it could if it hit you in the right place. You can buy air rifles that fire .22 calibre pellets at a velocity just as high or higher than common .22LR rimfire loads.

So from one of these, getting hit in any soft spot of the head ie. eye etc. it certainly could kill.

This would mostly only be with the high velocity hunting rifles. With your average CO2 pistol or rifle, it's less likely, but still possible.

I have an iver johnson md..50 .22cal. 8 Sshot sidewinder. I was wondering when it was made or worth?

It sure can.
There was an incident in the U.K. where a man shot
a 4 yr old boy in the back of the head with a .22 cal
pellet. the shot was taken at about 70 yrds. He used
a PCP (pre charged neumatic) rifle. These kind of rifles and
pistols are the most powerful of all air guns, they can produce
well over 30 ftlbs of energy, with that kind of power, you can
kill a person to a shot to the head.

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Pellet guns are NOT toys. Even the smaller .177 pellet gun can blind, maim or even kill someone.

Be safe.


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Yes. They should be treated as any other weapon. Safety FIRST!

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yes, it can. a gun, whether it is powered by powder or air, is still a gun and can kill. an air rifle is not a toy. i suggest you take a hunter safety class.

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