Is a 1000 FPS air rifle enough to kill a groundhog?

I have a high powered pellet rifle with a scope that fires at 1000 fps. Will this kill a groundhog? PETA stay away, these ground hog rodents fought my cat and ate my garden..dead meat! Live traps?? no way!!


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It depends on what caliber you're using, and how far the target is.
Like I told someone on another question. If you're going by what the manufacturer says, that's wrong. Manufactures ALWAYS
EXAGGERATES what the gun actually shoots. It's called "marketing." They know if they say a gun will shoot 1000fps, people with NO experience with airguns will buy that gun. They also use the lightest pellets to get those numbers, and when using light pellets you loose accuracy.

Do you have a Chronograph that you have used to test the velocity of your gun? That is the only way to tell what your gun
actually shoots. This is what you need if you want to test velocity:

Also, what is the weight of the pellets you're going to use?
That also makes a diffrence.
If I were you I would use at least a .22 pellet, not a .177.
You're just going to piss it off.

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yeah it will. i take the fuc kers out all the time

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No. it probably won't kill one. They have extremely tough hides. I saw a guy shoot one twice, at 10 yds., with a 20 gauge and it didn't kill it.

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You would think so. Depends on how far away you are, and how big the rodent is.

Only one way to find out, right??

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It will.

I'm gonna guess you're using .177 right?

.22 has more stopping power, but a head shot will do...

Groundhogs are tasty.

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Yea but, you'll sound like a lunatic when you tell everyone you killed a ground hog (hardly sporting). I guy at work went DEER hunting, he did'nt bag a deer but, he did tell us that he shot a "Porcupine" and killed it, after he left, we all shook our heads, and said "What a Dick" !

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yes definitely, i had to get rid of crows, 40 yards away no problem with 1100fps pellet gun.

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probably not, unless you have a really lucky shot or very close range. The mass of the pellet is much less then the mass of even a .22 projectile from a firearm, and wouldn't have much penetrating power once it impacts from any distance. It would do some damage though, and the bugger might crawl away somewhere and die later, thus stinking up the area. You would do better trapping them, killing them however you like (you could use the air rifle from close range through the eye-socket), and cooking them in a crock pot. They do make tasty BBQ. - not kidding - they are mostly vegetarians, not carrion-eaters, and have a pretty good taste.
google "cooking a groundhog" for recipes and instructions on how to clean them

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Yes, just like it will kill rabbits. Head shots are an instant stop.

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Yes it will , you can by differetn pellets , on the pellet box it will say , target or good for small rodents Ect , the stye of the end of the pellet is different , get the ones that say '' for maximium penetration'' .good luck

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i dont think so i think it will just piss it off try a tweny two riffle

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Yes it will! I seen it on a hunting show on OLN. They were killing them at 65 yrds. Although they were using pellets made out of a special alloy(metal). The pellets were gold in color,lead pellets should work just fine though. They actually killed a wild boar with one shot to the head at 50 ft!!

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You wont get it right using the cheap lead pellets. Try getting Hunting pellets. they have more weight to them.

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I'm guessing you are using the .177 because of the high velocity.i highly doubt that you will kill it, .177's are not for hunting. you would need to shoot it at least 2 times, but its not gonna wait for ya, which would be a problem because they are mostly single shot, it will be gone before you reload. I would recommend the .22 much more stopping power with a little less velocity. It would be even hard to kill a rabbit with a .177 unless you are a very good shot. It will just go through it and probably not shatter any bones or leave any lethal marks, if you don't kill it will stay alive for about 2 days. ground hods have tough fur. Though it never hurts to try, may i suggest the Gamo PBA pellets or some hollow points they are devastating, but if not get the Crow Magnum from beeman they are very good, expand twice their size, and they have outstanding ballistics test results

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It very may well. a 45 ACP only travels 850 fps. of course it ways a hell of a lot more.

There's only one way to find out.

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i say yes but if it did all that and u relly mad i say take a greande (for all those dum blonds) PULL THE PIN and thow it right at its head and then........ no more groundhogs problem solve

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