How does rain effect squirrel hunting?

Does the rain keep the squirrels in hiding for awhile or are they still active during rain or do they come out as soon as rain stops? Is it worth being out there?


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I have noticed that the bushytails seem to come out in the rain... more over less, at least around here.

One day when it was somewhat windy and had drizzled all day long, I sat amongst a stand of hickories and just watched them run all over the ground.

Toughing it out in my father's old raincoat proved worthwhile. I got some nice fox squirrels and a gray that day.

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Doesn't have alot to do with squirrel hunting but high winds do harder to see um and they tend to stay in nest or by the tree trunks I used to like dead still days where you could see um and hear um from a distance as I loved to use a .22 cal single shot with a scope or not one shot one kill. Also try to be in the woods before daylite and get set up dont shoot the first one cause you may see many more in a few minutes look for cuttings on the ground.

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Some off the best squirrel hunting I have done has been in the rain! As they move around in the trees they knock the water off the branches , making it easyer to spot where they are.It also makes it harder for them to hear you!

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Rain nor wind hinders squirrel hunting in fact we had 20 mph winds with rain yesterday and i got my limit of 7 no problem. As for being in the woods before daybreak "HOGWASH" I take squirrels at ALL times of the day. IM retired and go hunting every day from sept 1 to mar 31. I Also use a diaphram turkey call when i hunt squirrels.sounds odd YES but hey whatever works to bring em out on slow days. Happy hunting n good luck.

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Makes it easier to walk in the woods quietly.

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