What's this called? A pile of rocks used as a marker on trails...?

This is driving me crazy. When you're on a hiking trail and you see a small pile of rocks that someone has obviously made as a marker, what is this called? I think it starts with a "p".


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If it is in the shape of a person, then it is commonly known as an Inukshuk, or Inuksuk, especially in Canada. This is an Inuit tradition, which has become well known as a subject of aboriginal art. Other piles of rocks are known as ducks or cairns; a duck is commonly used for piles used on hiking trails.

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A blaze is what I've always heard it called.

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The stone piles are called cairns (or sometimes ducks, according to Wikipedia). In wooded areas trail markers are more commonly paint marks used on trees, which are called blazes.

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hey liza,

i believe a pile of milestone rocks is referred to as a 'cairn'


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Cairn. They are common in caves.
Happy Caving Carroll

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It could be a cairn (or carn). Milepost, milestone, menhir, and catstone are also listed.

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