Cleaning deer antlers?

i would like to know how to clean deer antlers wihout doing any damage


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Well just the antlers can be cleaned with a damp cloth , If you want a bit of shine use a small amount of linseed oil.

Do not use bleach of any type cleaner on the antlers it will remove the nice brown color and make them pale.

If they have velvet on them just use a very lightly( NOT WET) dampened cloth to dust them.

If you are talking about cleaning the skull thats a whole other topic . Then you can boil the skull without getting the antlers underwater scrape away the flesh and bleach the skull only

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Some go with bleaching, but it can weaken the antlers...the very best way is to have bugs clean them (there are professional services that do this, very gentle and excellent results, but expensive)

I use soapy water and a sharp knife and a scrub brush and it takes forever...really it takes quite a bit of patience.might want to soak overnight first.

I assume these are right off the deer..if you are cleaning something that is already mounted, just dust lightly with a damp cloth.

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Most people would bleach them... But then i reasently heard that you could put the antlers on like a little aint hill and leave them thier for a day or two then they like clean something off, but thats only if you dont have his head on the antlers still... good luck man

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put them in a plastic bag and hag them up in a tree so raccoons and foxes can't get them and let the bugs eat the meat away. They do a great job. Then boil sum bleach water and soak them for about 2 minuets. They will look great without any damage.

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you should take a rag and sum water and wash the antlers, or u can use soap to i go hunting but i just leave the antlers on and the head and let it dry up and let the skin decompose


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You don't want to bleach the antlers themselve, only the bone if you are doing a skull mount.

Just rub the antlers clean with an old towel or T-shirt and then rub a little bit of boiled linseed oil to keep them 'fresh' looking. That's all I do. I've had some since the Eighties.


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